• Treatment of erysipelas with folk remedies

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    Treatment of erysipelas by home remedies: folk recipes.

    For the treatment of erysipelas of the skin in traditional medicine, antimicrobial therapy, consisting mainly of antibiotics, such as erythromycin, ampicillin and others, is widely practiced.

    These remedies, although effective in relieving skin inflammation, can adversely affect the functioning of the intestines, kidneys, or other organs.

    Therefore, it is desirable to use natural, popular and affordable folk remedies.

    Roget( erysipelas): causes, symptoms, types ^

    Erysipelas or erysipelas is an acute( recurrent) infectious disease of the upper layer of the skin or fatty tissues caused by pathogenic streptococcal bacteria.

    The main cause of the disease of erysipelas is streptococci, which enter the body through abrasions, cuts, scrapes or other damage to the skin. The rapid development of streptococcal infection is facilitated by the following factors:

    • Varicose, thrombophlebitis;
    • Overcooling, overheating, sun tanning;
    • Low immunity;
    • Stresses.

    For erysipelas, the following symptoms are typical:

    • Weakness, headache and muscle pain;
    • Nausea, vomiting;
    • Increased body temperature over 38 degrees;
    • Appearance of swelling, pain, burning and hyperemia on the skin surface( redness, blisters, bleeding or purulent formation).

    Depending on the etiology and course of the disease, the erysipelas are divided into several types: erythematous, hemorrhagic, relapsing, gangrenous, bullous, postoperative, porcine( erysipeloid), pustular, phlegmonous and wandering mug.

    Locations specific for the erysipelatous inflammatory process are the face, hands, neck, legs, or genitals.

    Folk treatment of erysipelas offers affordable, safe, effective and proven drugs and methods that, unlike antibiotics, will not cause unwanted side effects to the body.

    Home treatment of erysipelas widely uses the following techniques - wraps, compresses, baths and natural ointments. The following popular folk remedies serve as the basis for therapeutic methods:

    • Medicinal herbs - plantain, chamomile, datura, burdock, yarrow, sage, coltsfoot and many other plants;
    • Alcohol tincture - calendula, eucalyptus, propolis;
    • Fruits of hawthorn;
    • Honey, propolis;
    • Oils and fats - creamy, camphor, pork, olive, vegetable, sea-buckthorn.

    Treatment of erysipelas at home allows you to combine medical therapy prescribed by a doctor with a severe form of the disease, with folk and non-traditional medicine, as a result of which a positive therapeutic effect is quickly achieved-the removal of burning, pain and swelling.

    Treatment of erysipelas in humans should be started with the first symptoms of the disease. In this case, the doctor, after diagnosing the disease, appoints the patient anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal or decongestants, combining them with physiotherapy procedures.

    Traditional medicine is very effective for mild disease, however, if the inflammatory process takes place in severe form, then it is advisable to combine the erysipelas with home remedies with medical therapy.

    Treatment of erysipelas at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of erysipelas with folk remedies: recipes.

    Facial treatment for face

    • Fresh chamomile flowers with coltsfoot to grind in equal parts, mix with honey and lubricate sore spots;
    • Mix equal parts of dandelion, calendula, nettle, blackberry, horsetail and oak bark. Then poured 450 ml of boiling water 4 tbsp.collecting boil for 10 minutes. A ready-made broth should be washed face.

    Treatment of erysipelas on the hands

    • The fruits of the hawthorn can be well grinded and applied to the affected hand, fixed with a cloth;
    • Mix the vodka with honey 1: 1, soak the solution with gauze and attach to the arm for an hour. The daily number of compresses is at least three.

    Treatment of erysipelas

    • Mash the burdock, grease it with sour cream and attach to the foot for a couple of hours;
    • Gauze multilayer bandage moistened in fresh potato juice, attach to the erysipelatous place for the night.

    Treatment of bullous face

    • Upper branches of raspberry with chopped leaves and three tablespoons.pour 1.5 cups of boiling water for two hours. The present is used for washing;
    • Grind fresh plantain, burdock and calanchoe to gruel. Then put it on the sore spot, fixing it with a bandage. Compress leave for four hours.

    Treatment of erythematous erysipelas

    • Every 3 hours lubricate erysipelas with pork fat;
    • Sage leaflets wipe into powder, mix with natural chalk 1: 1 and sprinkle with a mixture of sore spot, applying a bandage for an hour on top. The dressing should be changed three times daily.

    Treatment of hemorrhagic face

    • In a blender, grind the plantain and apply it to erysipelas for three hours. The daily number of compresses is three;
    • Prepare a collection of calamus, eucalyptus, yarrow, throat and nettle. Then one part of the collection is mixed with 10 parts of boiling water and insist for three hours. The resulting infusion take 50 ml four times daily.

    Treatment of pork rye

    • Put camphor oil in a glass container and heat on a water bath;
    • Take a gauze napkin, soak with warm oil and apply for two hours to the hearth of inflammation;
    • After removing the compress, gently remove residual oil when using a paper napkin and apply a chilled burdock leaf for an hour to a place;
    • The number of daily procedures is three.

    Treatment of erysipelas for diabetes mellitus

    • Grind into the powder the root of elecampane, mix it with Vaseline 1: 4 and lubricate the lesion twice daily;
    • Leave the burdock leaves through a meat grinder, combine with sour cream 2: 1 and apply for 20 minutes on the erysipelas, covered with a red cloth.

    Treatment of erysipelas with thrombophlebitis or varicose veins

    • Cabbage leaf knead, grease with olive oil and apply a sheet of the smeared part on the skin for three hours, attaching it with a bandage;
    • Mix sea buckthorn oil with aloe juice 1: 1 and lubricate the skin twice each day.

    Treatment of erysipelas with a red rag

    • Take a small patch of red silk and cut into small pieces;
    • Mix the silk pieces with bee natural honey and divide the mixture into three parts;
    • One hour before the sun rises the tissue - honey mixture is applied to the face and bandaged;
    • Repeat procedure every morning.

    Treatment of erypsipelas by conspiracy

    In the event of erysipelas, sorcerers widely used not only folk remedies, but conspiracies that should be reported to the waning moon. The system of reading the magic words for the treatment of erysipelas is as follows:

    • Before the conspiracy, read the prayer "Our Father".
    • Flaxen cloth, cut with lime honey and an hour before dawn to put honey cloth on the sore spots, while reading the following words: "From noon to sunset and from midnight to a clear dawn, the red face disappears and disappear."

    Treatment of erysipelas with propolis

    Propolisnaja 30% ointment:

    • Kilogram of propolis to grind, pour 300 ml of 96% alcohol and boil until it dissolves;
    • On a water bath, melt 200 gr. Vaseline and add to it 50 gr. Propolis mass;
    • Stir the mixture until completely dissolved and allow to cool for 15 minutes;
    • Filtered through gauze ointment to spread out on glass jars;
    • Method of application - twice a day to lubricate places affected by erysipelas.

    Treatment of erysipelas with ointments

    • Squeeze juice from chamomile and yarrow, mix with creamy butter in a 1: 4 ratio.
    • Prepared herbal ointment lubricate the affected area three times a day.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to avoid repeated erysipelasemia ^

    To prevent recurrence of erysipelas, the following preventive methods should be strictly observed:

    • Avoid sudden temperature changes;
    • Timely suppress any inflammatory processes in the body;
    • Strengthen immunity;
    • Observe individual hygiene regulations;
    • Carefully handle any skin trauma with disinfectants.