• Toning compounds

    Teas that are toning. The most popular drink on the globe is tea. Tea enhances the tone of the body, eliminates fatigue, relieves heart spasms and has many positive properties. It is bad in this drink that it contains a large amount of caffeine( 0.05 g. Per glass).And although it acts much softer and weaker than caffeine contained in coffee, you should not abuse tea. Especially it concerns people of elderly and senile age. However, there are other opinions on this subject, for example, the doctor of medicine Bullar argues that tea causes a general poisoning of the body and describes its signs: "loss of appetite, indigestion, palpitations, headache, vomiting, fits of hysteria accompanied by constipation and restraint in the areaheart ".

    Tea and coffee lovers say that these drinks have an exciting and stimulating effect on the body, but they forget that these drinks do not compensate for the energy costs that are consumed. In persons suffering from tea and coffee, there is a constant overexpenditure of energy, which exceeds all norms and is difficult to replenish. There is a constant overstrain of the nervous system, heart muscle, smooth muscles and blood vessels. The person becomes easily excitable, over time, nervous, constantly increased amount of adrenaline in the blood leads to the emergence of hypertension and related consequences.

    Traditional medicine recommends many remedies that can replace tea and coffee, for example, green tea, has the same toning properties as black, but without harmful consequences.

    According to Professor of Kyoto University Tenji Ugan, green tea is a good antidote for poisoning with radionuclides( especially strontium-cium-90).Green tea significantly reduces the concentration of this harmful substance in the body. It normalizes blood pressure, is useful for hemorrhages in the brain and the senile fragility of capillaries, is an excellent preventive against stone formation in the bladder, kidneys, gall bladder, refreshes the body and mind, gives the person vigor and well-being.

    A good effect on the human body is a variety of herbal teas and balms: they do not contain caffeine, do not have harmful effects on hypertensors and cores, but on the contrary, stimulate the work of various organs and systems, strengthen blood vessels, slow aging, contain a large amount of vitamins necessary for the body andmicroelements, besides they are fragrant and pleasant to the taste.

    Herbal tea is brewed in a preheated porcelain teapot in 2 divided doses. First, after pouring a mixture of herbs into the kettle for 10-15 grams, pour boiling water to half and quickly cover the kettle with a lid. After 5-10 minutes, add boiling water, but not up to the top, leaving the lid 1-1.5 centimeters. Water, intended for milking tea, should not be boiled( it should be boiled until the appearance of small bubbles).

    Plants restoring strength. One of the main sources of replenishment of the energy resources of the body is rational, balanced

    nutrition. To restore full strength, you need food rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts, microelements. Honey, sour milk, fish oil, fresh cabbage, black currant, rosehip, sea buckthorn and other products are especially quickly absorbed by the body and return to it work capacity, youth and strength.

    Plants stimulators of nervous activity have been known for many centuries. From generation to generation, folk medicine passed on their secrets. It should immediately be noted: all the plants listed below, overcoming fatigue, increase blood pressure, so they can all be used for hypotonic disease, and hepaticians need to be extremely cautious.