How to accelerate the growth of hair on the head at home using folk remedies

  • How to accelerate the growth of hair on the head at home using folk remedies

    Our hair actually grows approximately the same in all with a stable increment of 1-1.2 cm per month. Another thing is that not all hair is noticeable. This can be due to the type of hair, for example, the growth of curly hair is difficult to see, the same applies to long hair.

    But on the straight or short hair is visible every centimeter. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to draw conclusions about the growth rate on the basis of a visual inspection alone. However, the growth of the hair mass is quite possible to stimulate.

    And for this it is not necessary to apply to specialists or to hairdressers, as it is possible to speed up hair growth on your head at home by yourself.

    What tools can help?

    First of all, it is worth remembering that weakened damaged hair with a lack of nutrients is unlikely to grow quickly. Therefore, the first steps should be aimed at strengthening the hair shaft, as well as increasing the blood supply to the follicles.

    1) Masks with cinnamon and honey well strengthen both the roots and the hair itself.

    2) Make the yeast mask that our grandmothers used, or from kefir. Such funds impregnate hair in women with vitamins and a lot of other useful substances, which contributes not only to strengthening, but also gives the hair a healthy appearance.

    3) To apply blood to the scalp, apply masks with mustard powder or tincture of pepper. The main thing is not to overdo it with concentration, otherwise you can burn your skin, especially if it is sensitive.

    After a general strengthening, you can go directly to the acceleration of hair growth, although the previously proposed masks already had to start the growth mechanism.

    1) Try masks with folk remedies, for example, onion is good for hair roots, however it has two notable minuses.

    It can not be applied to the hair along the entire length, as it dries heavily. And the smell of this mask will not stand every woman.

    2) To obtain a more effective effect, it is recommended to use nicotinic acid or vitamin B3, which is sold in pharmacies in the form of ampoules. It is a water-soluble drug, so it is recommended to rub it into the scalp, even if it is dry, and it can not even be washed off.

    3) Another option to accelerate the growth of the head of hearing - add to the daily shampoo or conditioner essential oil of eucalyptus, juniper or cedar.

    4) Massage the scalp with sea salt, this will be a kind of peeling that will open the access of oxygen. By the way, this method well helps and with baldness in men.

    5) Masks on natural ingredients help with the addition of various liquid vitamins in ampoules. In this case, consider that oil-based preparations are better added to masks, in water-soluble vitamins or used directly on the roots and scalp, gently rubbing them, or pour into shampoos and conditioners.

    Solutions are added immediately before use, as vitamins in the air quickly lose their useful properties. Therefore, it is not wise to store the opened ampoule. You can also use drugs in tablets, which before use are ground into a powder.

    5) And one more thing: no matter what mask and miracle means you do not use, if you do not keep a balanced diet, they are unlikely to help you, because the main vitamins and nutrients we get from the products from our table.

    6) Smoking, as well as alcohol abuse, do not contribute to the acceleration of growth.

    Video compilation

    Recipes of masks that can help in hair growth, and ways of using them can be seen on this video: