• California highlighting on blond hair: before and after photos

    Caliph. Melioration in our time is one of the most popular among all types of this procedure. And not for nothing, because the technique of creating this species differs a special relation to weak hair, for them it was invented. Locks do not get an extra dose of chemicals, which means they do not suffer from "overdose", so the caliph. Melirovanie - the most sparing type of all.

    However, this procedure is not so common among the blond hair color, but is often used by women when they want to fix the color of their curls( to remove yellowness, for example).And especially for such blondes looking for answers to their questions, this article will provide photos before and after the California meling on blond hair, as well as training video master classes.

    And here is a photo of this kind of highlighting:

    As you can see, the colors that are taken for highlighting are almost the same tone as the original shade, but they are much brighter, which means that the girl will also look more impressive. The basic colors that hairdressers use are a light( bright) blond, an ash blond or light blond. Also you can offer your own color, but first make sure that it suits you.

    As you know, any color is used for highlighting, and this can play into your hands. It is not necessary to take standard shades, such as light brown or blond, you can choose a more unusual unexpected color, for example, light blue or pink, this highlighting will definitely draw attention to your person. However, it is better not to take dark colors, since they will not be combined with blonde blond curls, only they will spoil everything.

    Doing it yourself at home

    So, in this part of the article you will be offered one of the ways of painting hair with caliph technique.and then - several master classes with other methods that you also want to consider.

    In principle, the method of creating caliphs.melirovaniya almost does not differ from the method for normal melirovaniya, so it's easy to do at home, of course, if you have the necessary drugs, which you will now be told.

    1) Paint for highlights. You can buy it in specialized shops or order online;

    2) Comb for the separation of strands. The so-called comb with hooks, there are several types, but you can do any;

    3) Towel, which is not a pity to smear with paint;

    4) Brush, gloves and mixing bowl;

    5) Foil.

    So, when you have collected all the necessary ingredients, you can start working.

    In general, the technique itself is quite simple.

    1. Your first task is to wash your hair well and dry your hair.
    2. The second - starting processing from the crown, select a thin horizontal strand, using the comb for dividing the strands to select those that need to be processed.
    3. The third is to lay the foil under the final strands, obtained with the help of a comb, and finally, to color the strands with a brush in the color you need, and then wrap it in foil.
    4. This method needs to bypass all processed zones - from the crown to the back of the head, then whiskey.
    5. Then, keep the paint on the hair for about half an hour and rinse with ordinary water, you can use a balm rinse.

    For a more clear perception, you are invited to consider video lessons, after which the technique of creation will become more clear to you.