How to forgive betrayal to her husband and whether to forgive a march to the left for a loved one

  • How to forgive betrayal to her husband and whether to forgive a march to the left for a loved one

    Many events people perceive as if they will never touch it. When entering into marriage or starting a new relationship, a person always hopes for mutual love and respect. It's a pity, but it does not always happen that way, and the second half sometimes upsets your actions. How to forgive treason and whether it is necessary to preserve such a relationship? Reasonings on this subject you will find in this article.

    Reasons for treason

    Lying and betraying can not be justified by any circumstances, nevertheless, psychologists explain such an act for several reasons:

    1. Lack of love in childhood. Sometimes a child receives less love from his parents. Mom may not pay enough attention to his son, he can not solve this problem, so it lies in the depths of the soul. When growing up, a man tries to get this love from a woman, but at some point it becomes small, then he finds one more and gets caring and weasel doubly.
    2. There is also the opposite problem - the excess of love in childhood. Some children are brought up not only by mother, but also by grandmother. Because of what they get twice as much love and get used to it.
    3. A man loses interest and gets used to a woman with whom he meets or lives. The search for a new love, and, therefore, new emotions and feelings begins.

    Before you forgive a betrayal of a loved one, it is recommended that you write it down to a psychologist. It is possible that he will discover the true reasons for this behavior and help to solve the problem.

    Is it worth to forgive treason

    Many couples who survived treason, were able to reanimate their relationship and continue them. Sometimes it becomes a discovery of a new life full of love, understanding and warmth. However, change often happens again, because there is no guarantee that the betrayal will not happen again. So

    need to forgive the betrayal of a husband or a loved one or leave the past and go ahead?

    The answer to this question lies only in your soul. Above all, drop the emotions raging in you. It is necessary to approach the solution of the problem in cold blood.

    Evaluate the situation, weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision. Analyze your life together and your feelings: what will happen if the second half disappears from life or, conversely, if it remains?

    Based not on emotions, but on logic, it will help to make the right choice. Pay attention to the traitor, his behavior and actions. Sometimes everything is not as terrible as people imagine, and the relationship after the experiences only strengthened.

    How to forgive treason and continue the relationship

    Is it possible to forgive betrayal to a husband who has repented of his actions? Of course, if you love him and want to save the family. Almost all are mistaken, but only a few can forgive - noble and strong in spirit.

    To forgive a loved one, adhere to the following tips:

    1. You can not torture yourself. Avoid negative thoughts by any means, for example, stop all conversations with your husband on this topic, meet with a psychologist or move to a new home or city, which is justified, because you are starting a new life.
    2. Give a chance to your loved one, everyone deserves it. Talk about the timing of the test for loyalty, let him show maximum love and care.
    3. Talk with the partner. Forgive your husband after treason is possible, but sometimes you are also the culprit. Talk with your loved one about what did not suit you.
    4. Fix your mistakes and change the relationship with her husband after the conversation.
    5. Show the strength of the will not to take revenge and not to recall the offense done, otherwise it will not work out again.

    Remember that happiness is in your hands, so make the right decisions, for which you will then have to answer.

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