Eye contour cream: reviews about creams to smooth and remove wrinkles from different companies

  • Eye contour cream: reviews about creams to smooth and remove wrinkles from different companies

    Any woman at any age wants to be beautiful and keep her youth and beauty as long as possible. To do this, the beautiful ladies use all possible means. And first of all, of course, a variety of creams to smooth wrinkles around the eyes.

    Let's see what kind of reviews about the cream from wrinkles around the eyes leave women on the web.


    Nastya, 30 years old:

    «Hello! The help is very necessary: ​​one of these days has noticed, that around of eyes small wrinkles have appeared. I do not know what to do. Recently began to think about anti-aging cosmetics, help to choose a cream to remove wrinkles around the eyes. Thank you in advance"!

    Margarita, 40, Saint Petersburg:
    «Hello. I am a cosmetician, I propose to discuss the "main female problem" - withering of the skin, and talk about how the cream works from wrinkles. For many years, manufacturers have said they have found a "recipe for old age," and advertisers do not get tired of "heating up" the female audience. Therefore, I offer assistance in the search for quality products.

    First of all, the quality of the cosmetic product depends on the reputation of the manufacturer, also takes into account the feedback from consumers and, of course, the composition of the product and its packaging. "

    Karina, 35 years old:
    "I tried everything, the result is always the same: the skin dries up, small wrinkles appear. Help me choose a quality cream for the skin around the eyes against wrinkles, thank you in advance! "

    Margarita, 40, Saint Petersburg:

    "To remove discomfort, you need to apply at night any moisturizing or nourishing cream. Ideally, you need to buy a special eye cream. The skin on this site is hypersensitive. Normal creams call for irritation and discomfort. "

    Natasha, cosmetologist, 45, St. Petersburg:

    "The older we become, the slower the regeneration of the skin. Even after a full sleep, the skin may look tired, you can see swelling and circles under the eyes, the face seems crumpled. I recommend the cream "LOREAL youth code" at night, it easily eliminates age problems.
    This is a wonderful cream to maintain the youthfulness of the facial skin after 40 years. I use it with great pleasure. Perfectly cares, gives comfort and reliability in protecting the skin of the face. "

    Tatiana, 40 years old:
    "I buy L'Oréal youth code" a special roller eye gel, it effectively removes the swelling, and at night I apply the same eye cream as the whole face. "

    Irina, 35 years old:
    "I prefer the" Black Pearl "from the" who's 35 "line, I've been using this cream around my eyes for five years now."

    Nadia, 37 years old:

    "I have been familiar with Vichy cosmetic products since childhood. When I was a teenager, I used a special cream that helped get rid of "youth problems".Today I use an anti-aging cream to smooth fine wrinkles around the eyes.
    First of all, I love the cream for the fact that it is suitable for all ages.
    The cream contains light-reflecting particles, which gives freshness to the face. With the help of a cream, you can disguise dark circles. "

    Victoria, 36 years old:

    "I have been using Vichy cream for many years. I completely trust my cosmetics, thanks to her I have significantly improved the condition of my problem skin. I recommend using VICHY IDEALIA cream to care for the skin around the eyes. "

    Dasha, 32 years old:
    "I love Vichy LiftActiv DS because it is easily applied to the skin and absorbed quickly. After that, there is a slight flicker on the skin. When you apply the cream, you can smell the natural smell of spring flowers. Thanks to the cream, I'm always at "height", dark circles disappeared, the wrinkles were noticeably smoothed out. "

    Inna, 30 years old:

    "I prefer Natura Siberica gel for eyelids. It is easily applied to the skin, absorbed quickly, it does not irritate the eyes, the main advantage is the combination of price and quality. "

    Tanya, 48 years old:

    "The first wrinkles appeared in thirty years, I tried a lot, but the result was minimal. All has passed or has taken place two months ago as I have got in a drugstore gel for blepharons with butter or oil of shea( Cora), I recommend to all. Quickly and effectively smooths mimic wrinkles, moisturizes well, you do not need to wipe your face with tonic during the day. It's easy to apply on the skin, you can use it for make-up. "

    Oksana, 25 years old:
    "For 2 years I use Ericson Laboratoire cream, of course, expensive, but it's worth it. It nourishes the skin well, even at the age of 18 I did not look as good as it did at 25. Skin became elastic and elastic, the bags under the eyes disappeared. "

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