• Synninggia

    Family gesnerievye. Rod syning. Natural climatic conditions: the mountain subtropics of South Brazil.

    Syningia hybrid ♦ Stalk shortened, pubescent, the leaves are located in the form of a rosette outlet at its base, leaf blades are oval, velvety-pubescent, dark gray-green in color;up to 10-12 cm in diameter, on pedicels, axillary, bell-shaped or almost funnel-shaped, of various colors. Blossoms in March-May, the flowering period can vary depending on the conditions of detention. Synningia is beautiful ♦ Original species for most hybrid varieties;leaves opposite, elliptical, narrowed to the base, pubescent;flowers on peduncles, drooping, broad-headed to 5 cm in diameter, purple or violet. The rest period is expressed.

    Requirement for moisture: water-loving plant, water must be warm: cold water can have a harmful effect;It is necessary to watch, that drops of water did not fall on flowers and leaves. Requires high atmospheric humidity( 80-90%).Spraying can cause disease: on the leaves there will appear spots similar to burns. After the flowering to the beginning of the rest period the watering is gradually reduced to zero, the tubers are watered in pots only in winter to prevent drying out.

    Temperature mode: quite thermophilic, but it does not withstand summer heat( especially dry).

    Light mode: closer to photophilous, but a special light regime requires only during the forcing period( lighting up to 12 - 14 hours a day).

    Requirement for soil: not particularly demanding plant: any loose, not excessively nutritious mixture with neutral reaction is suitable for it. Drainage is mandatory. Top dressing only in the period of active vegetation( especially - at the time of budding), mainly organic fertilizers.

    Propagation: by dividing the rhizomes, leafy( rooting in the sand) and stem cuttings, seeds( artificial pollination, seeds are not closed to the ground, but covered with glass).

    Features: unwanted turning to light. As the fading begins, the wilting of the above-ground part begins, which should be removed.