• Defrosting and feeding the baby food on the table

    Frozen food should not be thawed at room temperature for a long time

    .When it's time to use frozen baby food, try the following tips:

    • For slow defrosting, put one serving or a whole day's supply in the refrigerator and leave for three to four hours.

    • For rapid defrosting, use an electric pan or place the frozen cube or the open jar in a heat resistant dish and put it in a small saucepan. Fill the pan with water, a little before reaching the edges of the dish. Defrost and heat on medium heat, stirring occasionally for uniform warming.

    • Before you give baby food to your baby, be sure to thoroughly mix it and try to make sure that there are no areas too hot for the baby. I always instinctively touch the product with my upper lip every time I load the next spoon. Even the smallest bit of too hot food can teach a child not to trust what lies in the spoon approaching him. With your finger, you can better check the temperature.

    • Since heated areas in the microwave can be heated in the food, which can burn your baby's mouth, we do not recommend this method. If you choose a microwave, be very careful, stir and always try a little yourself to check if the dish is evenly warmed before feeding the baby.

    • In order not to transfer products in vain, feed the child with a spoon from the portion that, in your opinion, he will master. If he wants more, put an additive on his plate with a clean spoon. The rest of the dish you can store in the refrigerator for two days, but only if it does not get saliva.

    Some children do not eat "baby food" at all, and all this information on cooking it can be missed if your child suffers a fairly dense consistency, if he refuses to feed for a long time, does not endure when he is fed from a spoon, or goes straight tohand feeding. Some mothers really go into the preparation of baby food;others simply prepare for the whole family and munch a portion for the child with a fork.