Home shampoo with their own hands: natural egg, mustard, for hair growth, etc.

  • Home shampoo with their own hands: natural egg, mustard, for hair growth, etc.

    We are sure, many have heard about the harm of shampoos of mass-markets for hair, namely the chemicals and compounds that make up their composition. In addition, they negatively affect the environment. Therefore, if you care about your health and want to preserve nature for future generations, there is nothing left to do about how to make shampoo with your own hands. This will be discussed in our today's article.

    There are many recipes for home shampoo. Choosing the right one for you, focus on the type of your hair: normal, dry, fat. And finally make sure whether it suits you, you can only by trial, using shampoo for a month. You can also notice after the first application that the prescription does not suit you: the hair is too hard to comb, they are badly washed, or even an allergic reaction may occur - in this case, you should not continue using, you can proceed to the next option.

    Also when used, it should be remembered that:

    • natural shampoos wash much less than factory shampoos. However, this does not mean that they wash worse, because special chemical additives are created by the foam;
    • home shampoos, especially if it contains essential oils, should be applied to very damp hair, especially if the shampoo is solid;
    • also after washing it is recommended to rinse hair with a herbal decoction suitable for your hair.

    Shampoo from natural soap

    The very first variant, which is suitable for all types of hair, is shampoo from natural, hand-welded, soap. It can already contain essential oils or it can be just a soap base.50 g of this soap rub on the grater, pour a glass of warm water and dissolve in a water bath. Then there may be different recipes from the basis of soap, you can add any essential oil to this mixture. The only thing you need to watch is that it is suitable for your hair type.

    Gelatin shampoo

    Natural shampoo can be made with your own hands and made of gelatin. You need a tablespoon of it to pour a third glass of warm water and leave to swell for half an hour. Next, heat the solution in a water bath and leave to cool. Add 1 pre-whipped yolk. First, we wash the hair with such a substance, and then leave it in the form of a mask for 15 minutes. The hair becomes thicker, lush, and the yolk has a nutritional effect.


    Egg shampoo suitable for dry and fragile hair due to protein, which is contained in the eggs. The recipe is simple: beat a couple of yolks to form a thick foam, and wash it with my hair. After rinsing, rinse with water with a little lemon juice to make it smooth. Mustard

    Mustard shampoo is good for hair growth. It can be made both liquid and dry.

    To prepare liquid shampoo, pour a couple of spoons of dry mustard into a liter of warm water, apply to hair. A little massage of the roots. There will be a slight burning sensation, but do not rush to rinse: this increases the flow of blood to the scalp, which accelerates growth.

    Also from the mustard powder with the addition of ground herbs will get an excellent dry shampoo. To make it, you will need:

    1. 1 mustard spoon;
    2. 0.5 tablespoons ground ginger;
    3. 4-5 spoons of herbs;
    4. 10 spoons of rye flour.

    Its advantage is that it is kept very well and stored for a long time. Before use, dilute with warm water until the consistency of sour cream, apply on the head and massage for a few minutes. Instead of air conditioning, water, acidified with vinegar or lemon.

    Black bread

    Black bread shampoo is indicated against dandruff. A couple of pieces of it are cut into a bowl and poured with warm water. Let the mass brew and cool. We get the gruel, which we rub into the roots and distribute along the length.

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