Shoes on a wedge 2015: 43 photos of fashionable shoes with a wedge

  • Shoes on a wedge 2015: 43 photos of fashionable shoes with a wedge

    Ideal footwear, indispensable in the spring and summer, when you want to stay on top and, at the same time, do not experience inconvenience while moving, there are shoes on the wedge 2015 - see photos from different angles in this article. They perfectly combine the appeal of a high heel and the comfort of a flat sole.

    The variety of models allows you to choose shoes on a wedge for both a holiday event and for everyday life. The wadding can have a different height, it all depends on the style of the girl or woman and her wishes.

    For whom is this shoe ideal?

    Low-wedge shoes are ideal for a sports style girl or an active lifestyle, for a teenager and just for easy movement. The medium height dresser is also quite comfortable, but has a more feminine look and is suitable for summer dresses and glamorous outfits.

    Fashion designers for this spring and summer prefer shoes on the wedge 2015 on high heels. Such shoes are not only comfortable, but they also extend the legs of the girl no worse than the shoes on the hairpin. A high wedge can be decorated with a decor: embroidery, applique, bas-relief.

    The material can be different. The wadding can be wooden, plastic, weaving from straw. Popular in this season are shoes on a wedge, made in bright colors.

    The most popular solutions of this season

    Fashionable shoes of this year are distinguished by bold design solutions. Skewed wedges in the direction from top to bottom have won the love of women of fashion. At the same time, the footwear retained its stability and comfort, but it acquired a very original and stylish look.

    The height of the wedge is increasing more and more, which visually makes the girl higher. Such shoes on an excessively high wedge are popular with girls and look very elegant and worthy for the evening image.

    The decor of the wedge is a special chic. In this season, naturalness and closeness to nature are considered fashionable, and therefore inserts made of metal and wood are used.

    What style of clothes will suit a wedge?

    You can choose shoes on a wedge for any style of clothing. Look great such shoes with streaming and light skirts, skirt-trousers, clothes in the bohemian style. To a business suit it is possible to pick up shoes from a black leather without additional ornaments.

    If you prefer to wear trousers or jeans, then it should be noted that the wedge visually makes the ankle visually thinner, and so jeans should be narrow, or it can be Capri pants.