Contour plastic face: what is it, how much is the procedure and reviews about it

  • Contour plastic face: what is it, how much is the procedure and reviews about it

    Facial contour plasty is a method of facial correction and wrinkle smoothing by injection into the subcutaneous cavity of special preparations - fillers.

    More and more women and men are leaning towards bloodless methods of correction of appearance. Contour plastic can quickly, without long rehabilitation and relatively cheaply rejuvenate the face or correct deficiencies.

    Indications for contour plastics

    It should be remembered that face contour plasty is mainly aimed at obtaining an external rejuvenation effect. With her help you can eliminate almost all types of wrinkles and folds, face asymmetry, adjust the shape and increase the volume of the lips, form the volume of almost any part of the face. In addition, this procedure can be used not only on the face, but also in the neck, cleavage, hands and knees.

    Fillers for contour face plastics

    Let's take a closer look at what fillers are.

    Fillers are gel-like fillers for subcutaneous administration. The basis of this drug, as a rule, is hyaluronic acid, but there may be other components, but, unlike hyaluronic acid, they are chemically alien to our body and more often cause allergy and rejection of the body tissues.

    All these drugs differ among themselves. Their main difference in the density of the gel and the speed of neutralization of the effect of rejuvenation.

    Contraindications to the use of contour plastics

    Any best, safest drug always has a number of contraindications to the use. Not exception and hyaluronic gel fillers.

    Contraindications include:

    • lactation and pregnancy period,
    • blood diseases,
    • oncology,
    • infections, both bacterial and viral,
    • skin lesions at the site of future drug administration.

    The elimination of these diseases will help to avoid unpleasant complications after the administration of the drug.

    The process of contour plastics

    Despite the fact that this procedure seems simple and minimally invasive, it is necessary to entrust it only to a specialist with a doctor's diploma and qualifications and experience in this field. Because only a professional in his business can correctly pick up a dose, pick up a drug that is optimally suitable for you, and choose the necessary points for injections.

    Seriously take the choice of a doctor, read his documents, listen to the feedback of his clients, evaluate their results.

    Plastic surgery is performed only on an outpatient basis, one procedure is enough. On the cleansed face skin, an anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes. Then the doctor proceeds to injections. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtreatment, the procedure takes from 15 to 40 minutes.

    The result will be noticeable immediately after processing, for 2 days it is already possible to give the first assessment of changes in appearance, and finally to evaluate the work can be in a week.

    In the case of using the drug with hyaluronic acid, the effect of rejuvenation will persist from 4-6 months to a year.

    Complications of

    The procedure for contouring is very effective, but unfortunately, it is impossible to do without complications, even with such a close human body as hyaluronic acid.

    The main complications that can occur after contour face plasty are: severe pain during drug administration, swelling and bruising, inflammation at the site of gel administration, allergic reaction to the drug, protrusion and migration of the filler.

    To treat complications, injections of hyaluronidase - a substance that neutralizes hyaluronic acid, cleaves it and promotes rapid elimination from the body.

    But, despite possible complications, the number of people who want to make contour plasty of their face increases every year. Comparing how much the face contour plasty costs and how much the surgical face lift, and also comparing the risks and the result, this trend is completely justified.



    "I did this procedure with a good doctor. It hurts, even with lidocaine analgesia. Somewhere for 6 days the beauty was kept, and bruises were, but then all has descended and now beauty. I really like it. "


    "Almost two weeks ago I did contour plastic face, no effect. Money to the wind. "


    "I helped plastic, I'm for".


    "Contouring is the coolest procedure I've done for rejuvenation. The face is just super, much younger. "


    "Terrible swelling and bruises after this plasty. I'm against".Video selection