How to arrange pictures on the wall - how to hang paintings on the wall

  • How to arrange pictures on the wall - how to hang paintings on the wall

    Decorative techniques that modern designers use quite a lot. This and various arches, colors, specially placed mirrors and other small things of life that decorate the space of the room or completely change it. However, as in the relatively distant past, one of the most frequently used methods of decorating walls - paintings - does not lose its relevance.

    Like the paintings themselves, their location is capable of creating an original decoration of the walls in a room of any purpose. At the same time, despite the fact that the pictures were used as a method of decoration, many centuries ago, they do not lose their relevance.

    In this article we will talk about how, using the original arrangement of paintings on the wall can achieve an interesting effect.

    Sizes of paintings

    Let's talk first about the sizes of pictures that you decided to place. Often, in modern housing conditions, the large size of the paintings does not even come up. After all, few people agree to place in their room a picture that will occupy the entire surface of the wall. And the fastenings of such art will be quite powerful and complex constructions. Today compositions of more solid sizes are often created from several small or medium-sized art paintings, photographs, posters. Such a design can take, even the whole wall, while it looks easy and at ease, giving you the opportunity to systematically introduce something new into it.

    Basic rules for the location of the picture

    There are a few simple rules about how to arrange pictures on the wall. The picture should be on a free section of the wall - not overlap with other objects of the interior. Regarding the position on the wall, you can say one thing - do not hang too high( under the ceiling) or below the middle of the wall. And further in the issue of placement, be guided solely by your own taste and the concept of beauty. But it is worth remembering one nuance - a sufficient amount of illumination should fall on the picture, that any interested person could consider what is depicted there, and, at the same time, the sun's rays should not fall, as they will spoil the image.

    The above rules apply to the classic way of placing a painting - when one sheet is placed on the wall. However, if we talk about whole compositions of pictures, then we can get a rather interesting effect, which is able to bring a zest to your interior.

    Composition from the pictures

    Collecting pictures in the composition, it is necessary to assemble a group that will be suitable for certain parameters. Most often such parameters are:

    • Color or color scale. When choosing paintings, note that their color scheme would be the same or complementary to each other.
    • Meaning. Semantic content or motives of the pictures must intertwine with each other.

    It's pretty simple to create a similarity between the pictures, yourself. You can do this by inserting them in the same frame or by adding a similar element to the design of each of them.

    A similar style of composition from the pictures

    The next step in order to create a composition of pictures is the choice of the form in which they will be located. In order to imagine what your creation will look like in the end result, you can first sketch a sketch. But here the most important point is compliance with the scale. It will help you in the future to arrange the pictures and other elements of the composition correctly. In addition, before you have pictures on the wall, you can estimate how it will look - placing them in the correct order on the floor.

    Most often, the composition of the pictures are either in clear geometric forms or in complete chaotic disorder. Direct geometric shapes are suitable for pictures of the same size or those that you specifically placed in the same frame.

    Rectangular composition - the same size in the same picture

    Such square or rectangular shapes will be a wonderful decoration of the office or even the office space. If you want to bring a little chaos here, in such a composition, you can move one extreme picture.

    If the pictures you selected are similar in content or color, but completely different in size, then you should remember the basic rules of composition. The "weight" of the entire composition should be evenly distributed. This means that the big picture in one corner, must fit a few small in the other. The same applies to the color saturation. If you are on the one hand will find a fairly dark picture, then the other should not be placed light - everything should be balanced.

    Balanced composition from the paintings

    Series of paintings

    Quite often there are such paintings, which consist of several parts. This original genre in the art, allows you to create a sense of lightness of the picture at its overall large size, as well as integrity in actual disconnection. The simplest variant is a triptych, it is often found in the design of various types of premises - residential or even office. About how to properly hang the picture, this plan will tell you the picture itself. Often it consists of a series of pictures that should be placed together and hang them in about the same way as they collect a puzzle.



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