Step-by-step instruction how to dazzle a person from plasticine with photos and videos

  • Step-by-step instruction how to dazzle a person from plasticine with photos and videos

    This article will show the master classes on how to dazzle a person from plasticine in stages( step-by-step photos and a selection of training videos attached).In particular, it will be told how you can mold the girl's figure, it will also be explained how you can perform the figures of one of the most famous and beloved children's characters in films and comic books - SpiderMena and Iron Man.

    Training videos

    This article will offer a selection of videos that will demonstrate the processes of modeling the head, face and body of a person. It will also be shown how you can fashion the characters of famous movies.

    We sculpt the girl

    The first master class will be devoted to the process of modeling the girl's figures. In order to make a girl from plasticine, you need a plasticine of several colors, namely: red, pink, yellow, beige, white, brown and match.

    To begin the process of modeling is necessary with the modeling of the dress, for this, from a piece of plasticine of red color, it is necessary to form a conical part, then pull the clay in a circle so that the skirt turns out. Then, using a different color, you can put a pattern on the skirt, for example, you can make a skirt in peas, using a yellow plasticine. Then from yellow color it is necessary to make a cake, then it is necessary to make cuts on it and to attach to the top of the cone-shaped part. Then, from the red, one must make sleeves and attach them to the dress.

    In order to make a head, it is necessary to form a bead of plasticine in beige color, then eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips and cheeks should be attached to the front part. In order to make hair, it is enough to form a thin brown sausage from brown, collect several sausages to get the tails, and attach them to the head. Also from the red color you can make hair clips. After that, the two resulting parts must be joined with a match. Next, you have to clothe two matches with plasticine of yellow color, make shoes, attach details to the main parts, and the handicraft can be considered ready.


    The second master class will describe the process of modeling a spider. To work you will need clay in red, blue, black and white colors. Of the red color should be the head of the hero in the shape of an oval, it should be attached to two large eyes, made of white plasticine with a black edging. In order to make the trunk, you must first tear the torso with the muscles of red plasticine, then on the sides attach thin layers made of blue. In order to get your hands, you should form two red tubes and add them with blue inserts, and for the production of legs, you also need to connect pieces of red and blue plasticine. The resulting arms, legs and head can be attached to the body with matches. Also, you can attach a web of black plastic to the back.

    Iron man Tony Stark

    The third master class will tell you how you can make a figure of an iron man. To work you need clay red and yellow flowers. First, a diamond-shaped head with slightly rounded corners should be formed from red. From above it is necessary to attach a square molded from a yellow plasticine. The trunk should be made of a piece of red color, clearly indicating the shoulder line. Hands and feet can be made using yellow and red balls, alternating them. With the help of a scapula, it is necessary to make incisions on all the component parts. At the final stage, all the details should be connected, and the toy is ready.

    Human figure on wire frame

    A human figure can also be made using plasticine and wire. In this case, the process of creating a human figure consists of two stages: in the first stage a skeleton is formed from the wire, and in the second stage the skeleton is pasted with plasticine. Stages of work are shown in the photo.