Vase by your own hands: a simple master class on decorating

  • Vase by your own hands: a simple master class on decorating

    Spring is the time of flowers. But where to put hand-made or fresh flowers? Of course, you can buy a ready-made vase in the store, but it will be much more interesting to do it yourself or with the help of a small helper. Thanks to this article, you will learn how to make large and small, original table and floor vases with your own hands. This practical article will decorate the interior of the room, and can also be presented as a gift.


    Any most plain-looking vase, glass, jar or bottle can be turned into a work of decorating art, using the technique of decoupage. And it is not necessary to buy specialized napkins or cards - you can make a beautiful vase from paper even with scraps of corrugated paper that are left from past crafts.

    Needed for operation:

    • glass transparent capacity;
    • colored corrugated paper;
    • glue;
    • scissors( if needed).

    1. Prepare the paper by tearing it into small pieces of different sizes.

    2. On a small section of the future vase we apply glue, from above we glue pieces of paper. Gradually add all the new elements, carefully promazyvaya them from above.

    3. After the entire surface is filled, once again spread the glue and cover the second layer of paper. We also cover it with glue from above. When it dries, it becomes absolutely transparent.

    Top of the finished product can be varnished.

    These vases can be made from a can if you pasted it with paper strips.

    Forest gifts

    To make a beautiful original vase from natural material, you will need:

    • small capacity;
    • clay;
    • various natural material - seeds, acorns, chestnuts, leaves, etc.

    To begin with, it is necessary to clothe our vase with plasticine. You can dream up using a multi-colored plasticine to create various drawings from it.

    We decorate the vase, pasting to the plasticine seeds, rump, acorn hats, various dried flowers and leaves. Make such an article will be happy and kids.

    You can also make a vase of pasta in this technique. They can be planted on clay with a beautiful pattern, and then painted with any color and varnished.

    From a plastic bottle

    Make a beautiful vase for storing various trifles and or for flowers with your hands from an ordinary bottle. It will come in handy small master class.

    Our vase will be zadekorirovana twigs. For work it will be necessary: ​​

    • the cut off bottom part of a bottle;
    • twigs;
    • saw - if necessary;
    • burlap;
    • jute thread;
    • thermo gun.

    1. We break or spruce twigs into approximately equal parts. They should not be too high - slightly higher than the capacity we have prepared.

    2. Take about 1.5 m thread. Alternately, tie one stick to another with a simple knot. As you can see in the photo, twigs are connected by a thread from above and from below.

    3. We continue to add segments, creating a "mat" of such length that it wraps our capacity.

    4. We wrap the plastic bottle with burlap, gluing it on top and bottom.

    If you want to plant a flower inside, then make a few holes in the bottom.

    5. It remains only to wrap the workpiece with chopsticks and tie the thread firmly.


    Decorative vase can be made from cardboard. The easiest way:

    1. From the box we make a hexagonal form-workpiece.

    2. Corrugated cardboard is cut into small triangles of different sizes. We glue them on the sides of the cardboard blank, leaving small gaps.

    3. After drying, fill the gaps with putty.

    4. After drying, we paint the vase in different colors, "crevices" making it darker.

    From the pumpkin

    The most unusual, perhaps, option - a vase from a squash or pumpkin. For them, either decorative pumpkins or ordinary young vegetables are chosen.

    First of all, cut off the tip and remove all the flesh and seeds. Dry the workpiece well. It will become quite light, so the bottom can be strengthened. A tampon dipped in oil, wiping the skin, giving the product a shine.

    It is also not necessary to cut the top smoothly, you can fantasize by making, for example, a V-shaped slice. And beautifully look all kinds of patterns on this vase. Video selection