Red hair color: a photo of copper-red, dark red, red-chestnut and red-red shades

  • Red hair color: a photo of copper-red, dark red, red-chestnut and red-red shades

    Every second girl on earth, when she decides to change something in herself, starts with a hairstyle. It does not matter what causes - a complete change of style or simply coloring your hair to hide gray hair - changing hair color is a very effective way to change your style without much expense.

    Modern girls at all costs try to stand out from the crowd, and what is the best way to help in this matter? Of course, changing hair color to red.

    Red hair color has many different shades, from bright bright red to dark red-brown. When choosing from such a number of shades, it is important to correctly understand which shade is best for you, and what you want to receive as a result.

    A red shade of hair, basically, is chosen for girls who adhere to an active life position. They try to dominate life, they are freedom-loving people. But dark-red hair is chosen by women who want serious changes in their lives.

    Red is a shade of the chosen

    Naturally, with such a shade of hair it's hard to be ignored, so it's important to decide whether you like it or not. Are you sure that your hair color is suitable for you? We'll figure it out who gets this shade.

    Red shades of hair to the face of girls of autumn color. They have a naturally light skin tone, eyes of blue, green or dark brown color. Shades such as mahogany, copper-red or pomegranate give the hair a playful and energetic appearance.

    The owners of a warm shade of skin fit a red-red, and girls with pale skin have crimson and burgundy shades. Very good will look red hair with a swarthy skin.

    Who should not dye hair in red

    • to women with skin prone to redness;
    • to girls, whose skin has a pink tint;
    • to girls with golden skin effusion.

    The color of the red-wood

    At present, this color is divided into two main shades: brown and red. Red-chestnut shade creates a light chocolate overflow of hair. For many adult women, stylists recommend giving their preference to the color of mahogany, it is a wonderful hiding gray hair.

    Despite the fact that the color is very rich, at the same time it is not very prominent, but with the right style of clothing and proper make-up can be quite restrained.

    This is a rather dark color that makes the facial features more expressive and visually helps to smooth wrinkles.

    Coloring your hair in this color, you need to take into account the original shade of hair. When staining black hair, most likely the hair will acquire a chestnut color with a red tinge, and light before coloring in this tone will need to be done a little red to get the desired color.

    Color of changes - dark red

    This shade differs from red aggressive and fiery with its calmness, it is even a bit like brown. Dark red hair color is ideal for girls with dark or olive skin, brown eyes and natural hair of a dark shade.

    This color has so many variations, it can be with a purple tint or a red cherry. By the way, red hair with a purple tint will face the girls of a cold color. You can make light coloring with feathers of dark red tones, it well emphasizes the individuality of each girl.

    Color Care

    Of course, red hair attracts attention with its bright and rich color. But, unfortunately, these qualities are lost with time, hair quickly fade. In this case, it is difficult to do without special cosmetic shampoos. Very good, if you will use both paint and shampoo from the same manufacturer.