How to make a tree of threads and glue the pew yourself: 3 master-classes

  • How to make a tree of threads and glue the pew yourself: 3 master-classes

    The New Year is perhaps the most famous worldwide holiday. On this day, I want to present to my friends and friends memorable, original gifts, for example, unusual souvenir Christmas trees made from improvised materials.

    This article will post information, after acquaintance with which you will understand how to make a tree of threads and glue pva.

    A selection of video tutorials for beginners

    This article will offer a selection of videos in which the craftsmen will share the author's ideas and demonstrate some interesting techniques.

    Of dense yarn

    Below, a master class will be presented, in which the process of making herringbone from dense threads and glue of pva will be described step by step. In addition to these materials, you will also need a sheet of cardboard, scissors, adhesive tape and decor elements.

    First of all, you need to designate a circle on the cardboard sheet, then cut a half circle with the scissors and form the base of the future tree in the shape of a cone from the resulting detail. Then the formed cardboard cone should be pasted with adhesive tape, such actions are necessary so that the threads do not stick to the cardboard base, and the cone can easily be pulled out at the final stage. After the base is ready, several layers of threads should be wound on its surface in an arbitrary order. Then the thread with a brush should be smeared with glue of the pv and wait for the glue to dry completely. At the final stage, the cardboard cone must be pulled out and thus get a Christmas tree, which is made entirely of threads and glue pva. The resulting herringbone is desirable to decorate, attaching to the surface of tiny beads and snowflakes, at the top you can fix a bead of a larger size.

    With the use of plastic

    Also in this article will be presented a step-by-step instruction on making a Christmas tree made of plastic, thread, glue and plastic. To work, you will need a thread that is used for knitting, a plastic folder, scissors, glue, and elements for decorating a Christmas tree.

    1. First of all it is necessary to form the basis of the future tree, for this the plastic rectangular shaped folder should be twisted in the form of a cone and fix the place of joining the edges with adhesive tape. For the base to be stable, with the help of scissors it is necessary to cut off excess material.
    2. Then, preferably in a separate container, pour in a bit of the glue of the pva, so that it is convenient to impregnate each strand with glue before attaching it to the surface of the cone. A beautiful tree will look beautiful, made with threads of different shades of green. In the process of gluing a Christmas tree, the shades of thread should be alternated.
    3. After the surface of the substrate has been glued, the workpiece must be placed in a dry place so that the threads dry well.
    4. Then the plastic cone must be carefully extracted and sealed with the resulting herringbone, pasting the beads as Christmas balls.

    With cardboard and foil

    It's quite easy to make a Christmas tree with your own hands, using threads, glue, thin cardboard, scissors and foil.

    First of all, from the sheet of thin cardboard or from a sheet of paper it is necessary to form the base of the Christmas tree in the shape of a cone, necessarily fixing the joint with the help of glue. Then the surface of the cone should be covered with foil, so that later it would be convenient to separate the paper frame from the thread frame.

    Next, each thread that will be fixed to the surface of the base, it is necessary to impregnate with glue and wrap around the cone arbitrarily, in addition, you can use threads of different colors. After the density of the winding is sufficient, allow the adhesive to dry. Then the skeleton of threads can be separated from the paper frame and decorate the finished tree with the help of miniature Christmas toys.

    All the stages of work are shown in the photo.