How is grade 3 hypotrophy manifested in children?

  • How is grade 3 hypotrophy manifested in children?

    Hypotrophy of the third degree is the most severe manifestation of the degree of hypotrophy - a chronic disturbance of the function of nutrition at an early age. It occurs in children up to two years, often even up to a year. This violation occurs as a result of external and internal factors.

    • External. First of all, this is the wrong and insufficient nutrition of the child. As a result of a regular lack of calories and proteins, there is a significant lag in weight, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, violations of absorption of nutrients. Also, external factors include transferred infections and long-term exposure to the body of toxic substances.
    • Internal. These are congenital pathologies associated with underdevelopment or damage to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders associated with insufficient enrichment of blood with oxygen, or hereditary, encephalopathies.

    Often this form of hypotrophy is observed in premature infants, many babies suffer prenatal hypotrophy.

    Clinical picture of the disease

    Children who suffer from grade 3 hypotrophy can be easily recognized by their appearance:

    • Almost complete absence of a subcutaneous fat layer throughout the body. The lag in weight can reach 30% of the norm.
    • The face has a triangular shape, it is wrinkled, jaws and cheekbones clearly protrude, the chin is strongly pointed.
    • Skin is dry, has a painful shade. Can be purple-blue or pale gray.
    • Skin is absolutely not elastic, the whole body is in deep wrinkles. The child is like an elder.
    • You can see cracks in the corners of the mouth, anemia often occurs. Lips have a bright scarlet color.
    • Noticeable lag in growth.

    Internal symptoms of the disease include:

    • Rough metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins and nutrients.
    • Reduced body temperature. Can fall to 32 degrees.
    • Reduced muscle tone. In rare cases, hypertension is observed.
    • Reduced blood pressure, bradycardia.
    • Weak immunity. Often, grade 3 hypotrophy is accompanied by inflammatory infections.

    Sick children are very lethargic, apathetic, slow-moving, do not show interest in surrounding objects and people.

    Treatment and predictions of

    In order to cope with grade 3 hypotrophy, a comprehensive method is used. Within the framework of this method it is necessary: ​​

    1. To determine the causes that caused the toxicity of
    2. Detection of concomitant infections, their active treatment
    3. Dietotherapy or proper nutrition in the right proportions
    4. Introduction of vitamins and enzymes
    5. Symptom identification and treatment
    6. Health and massage sessions

    Special care requirescompilation of diet. The daily norm is calculated from the average value between the actual weight and the one that should be. In the first days of treatment, babies are given only mother's milk. Gradually and very accurately the daily amount of food increases.

    On how quickly measures began to be taken and how far the disease went, more predictions depend.

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