• Unusual facts about dreams

    Dreams, depending on the external influences, can vary. It is, for example, the temperature of the place where the sleeper is. So, in a cold room there will be dreams about the Tundra, and in the hot - about Africa.

    Talking about prophetic dreams is not always nonsense. They can warn about illnesses. Especially if they repeat, cause anxiety and are well remembered.

    Former smokers have the ability to see dreams much brighter than people who continue to smoke. Moreover, their dreams are even more colorful than those who have never smoked!

    Men's and women's dreams are different: men usually take part in sex, but the weak half of humanity is more diverse. They see representatives of both sexes, and equally.

    Dreams are seen by all people. Overnight, a person can "view" from four to six plots that are not connected with each other. And in order to remember the moments in detail, it is better to wake up during its fast phase.

    Not all pictures are taken from nowhere. At 20%, sleep consists of projections of objects that are actually familiar to the sleeper. To them are added special images that refer to a particular dream. There are people who know how to look at their sleep from the outside without waking up. This state scientists called "conscious sleep", but the phenomenon itself remained a mystery to them.

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    Not everyone can see colored dreams. But such people are very few - only 10%.But 95% of young people under the age of 25 see only colored ones. There is a version that this is so because young people almost did not watch black and white TVs.

    Dreams of the blind from the birth of people are very limited. These limitations are based on all feelings and emotions, except vision.

    The most common feeling experienced during sleep is a feeling of anxiety. Restrained, quiet people usually do not pay attention to an irritable plot, and therefore, most often they are not able to remember even a small element of the dream.

    It turns out that a person snores in a period of so-called slow sleep. Besides, at this time he can not see any dream.

    The optimal time for sleep is 8-9 hours a day. But those who sleep for a couple of hours less, the risk of dying prematurely reduced, in contrast to people sleeping by the rules. But those who sleep only 4-5 hours, can have different mental disorders.

    Looking at the sleeping person, you can see that his eyes are actively spinning. This always happens during a fast sleep.

    An ordinary person in his entire life stays in a state of sleep about 6 hours.

    In a sense, dreams can be called symbolic, because they reflect our attitude towards certain personalities and situations.

    Scientists have repeatedly investigated the color schemes of dreams and concluded that people who see dreams in green and blue colors live a stable happy life. Dreams in which red is prevalent can warn of a disease with a rise in temperature. And black shades indicate a future nervous breakdown.

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