Reviews on botox around the eyes, how much is the procedure and the consequences after injections

  • Reviews on botox around the eyes, how much is the procedure and the consequences after injections

    Today, to remove wrinkles and slightly adjust the general condition of the skin around the eyes, there is no need for surgical intervention, because there are injections of Botox. This procedure is almost not palpable, fast and completely rid of wrinkles around the eyes. Very helpful will be feedback on botox around the eyes for those who are going to undergo this procedure.


    Natalia, 52 years old:

    "I did not dare to inject Botox for a long time, but age persistently made itself felt." I studied the information on the Internet very carefully, I asked my acquaintances and chose a suitable clinic, personally went there and consulted a specialist,then decided on the procedure.
    Everything went very quickly, not very pleasant, but you can suffer. Already on the fourth day there was a result - wrinkles all disappeared. I will repeat the procedure necessarily, because the effect is overwhelming. "

    Marina, 42 years old:

    "I injected around the eyes, and the effect of botox did not appear even after ten days." I had to go back to the cosmetologist, as it turned out, the dose was calculated incorrectly, after which the correction was made.

    Tatiana, 40 years old:

    "I've wanted to do Botox injections for a long time, but I still did not decide because of problems with the thyroid gland." I decided to consult about this in the clinic. "As it turned out, one does not interfere with one another, and now I have been walking for three and a half monthswithout wrinkles and very happy about this. "

    Nadezhda, 35 years old:

    "Botox injections were done at the end of May last year." It was a wonderful summer, the tan turned out to be smooth, without any white lines. "The most interesting thing is that when Botox left, it became much less wrinkled. I will definitely do it again this year. "

    Svetlana, 38 years old:

    "Goosebumps" had to be cleaned for the first time with injections in 30 years, and now I'm 38. I repeat the procedure regularly - every nine months, and no new wrinkles appeared during this time. The most important thing is to follow the instructions, because there may be consequences if alcohol is taken within a week after the procedure was performed. "

    Dasha, 26 years old:

    " Made a gift to my mother - a certificate for Botox procedure. I must say that she is afraid of pricks very much, but she has stood up without problems, and now no one can say that she is 58 years old. Mom was just happy, and I'm happy. Near the eyes, the wrinkles disappeared completely, the wonderful effect lasted about six months. "

    Katerina, 34:

    " The result of Botox injections for the skin around the eyes was very happy, but due to a serious illness I had to undergo antibiotic treatment. The effect disappeared after three months, so I just can not wait to repeat the procedure. "

    Larissa, 45:

    " I decided to inject Botox for a long time, because I was worried that the effect of overhanging eyelids or fallen eyebrows would appear, but decided and did not regret it. The specialist caught a wonderful - carefully calculated the dose and outlined the place where the injection will be administered. It's a pity that I did not decide on this procedure before, because in those six months I just looked younger. "

    Oksana, 35 years old:

    " I've been doing this procedure for about five years. I'm not particularly worried about how much a Botox prick is worth, because I really like to have even skin. And during that time I found my qualified doctor and a wonderful clinic that does not cause any fear. "

    Lyudmila, 38 years old:

    " I prefer Botox injections instead of other diverse procedures. I have been doing injections for about two years now and I am very happy, because the skin looks very even and taut. I recommend it to everyone. "

    Olesya, 32:

    " Many friends did injections of Botox, and the result was excellent, but I regretted that I went to this procedure. Everything that could only have gone down - the forehead, the upper eyelids. As it turned out, the dose was calculated incorrectly, now I will wait several months until everything passes. "

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