Facial grinding: before and after photos, reviews, mechanical peeling from scars

  • Facial grinding: before and after photos, reviews, mechanical peeling from scars

    Facial grinding is a deep cleansing of the skin, where the epidermis and partially the dermis are completely removed. One of the most popular procedures today is the laser skin resurfacing technique. Such cleansing completely relieves you of dead skin cells and provides high-quality face polishing, photos before and after the procedure - a vivid confirmation of that.

    About the results of opinions differ, someone is very pleased with the effect, and someone is not very. You can see for yourself in this by reading the testimonials of those who tried it.

    Patient Reviews

    Elya : Hello everyone! Four days ago I was on laser polishing, and the saddest thing is to go to work tomorrow, and my skin has not yet recovered, and to put it mildly, I do not look very attractive. But I know for sure that when four days pass, my skin will change significantly. Of course, for one night - until the morning - redness does not pass, probably, it is necessary to mask with a voice-frequency cream.

    Anna : Yesterday I went to the polyclinic, underwent a procedure for laser cleaning of the cheeks. By the way, I'm already an experienced laser facial cleansing patient, since this is my third trip to this procedure. The doctor always recommended me to undergo a course of treatment for four sessions. What can I say, the first grinding procedure is preparatory, it is more superficial. The crust after it almost did not form, and the reddening was a week later.

    The procedure itself is a little creepy, it all the time seemed to me that I was pricked with needles on the cheeks, and an hour before the cleaning I was anesthetized( local).On the second session, I went a month later, it was not so scary. During this procedure, the cleaning was carried out at an average depth, naturally, the skin recovered a little longer in time. The third grinding was deep and the most painful, the skin was just throbbing. And in a month I have the last, fourth session.

    Julia : I had a friend treat the skin with laser cleaning. Since he had all the skin in the pimples, and when they passed - there were a lot of scars and hollows. He was prescribed facial polishing, and indeed, after the treatment, his skin became much better looking.

    Lisa : A month ago, she cleansed her face to get rid of the scars on her face after the pimples. The procedure was performed in the area of ​​the chin and on the cheeks. After this cleaning, during three days I had a severe swelling of the skin. Now I think whether to go to the second session. ..

    What to choose - laser peeling or laser resurfacing?

    The main difference between laser grinding and laser pilling is the depth of the operation on the surface of the skin. During laser pilling, it is equal to 30 micrometers, not more, while with laser polishing this depth is equal to 150 micrometers.

    Such a mechanical treatment of the skin is used with the skin's tendency to photoaging, the cause of which is the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. Because of this, wrinkles appear, and the skin loses its elasticity, accumulates fibrous tissue and reduces the internal water balance.

    In addition, the skin is polished by the laser to get rid of scars that have remained after acne, to get rid of skin burns, long cell regeneration, to polish scars and prevent keloid formation in the skin.

    Laser grinding is also recommended for people whose skin is prone to pore expansion, pigmentation spots, freckles, stretch marks and negative changes that occur with age.