Feeders for birds from plastic bottles with their own hands: master class with a photo

  • Feeders for birds from plastic bottles with their own hands: master class with a photo

    Make bird feeders from plastic bottles with their own hands is easy, and the process of manufacturing them does not take much time. But such a useful thing will help the birds to winter and not have problems with food. In order to make feeders, you do not need any special skills and skills, besides such an improvised material as a plastic bottle, there is in every house. This article will provide instructions for the production of bird feeders from plastic bottles of different volumes. Attention to the photo-selection:

    Video tutorials on making bird feeders

    In the selection of the video presented below, several ways of making feeders will be explained. It will be shown how to make feeders from plastic bottles that have different shapes and different capacities.

    The first way: 2-liter bottle

    The master class proposed in this article will help you figure out how to make a feeder from a two-liter bottle. To work, you will need: the actual bottle itself, it must first be washed and dried, also scissors or a construction knife, a rope and wooden spoons or sticks. First you need to outline the contours of the two holes on opposite sides of the bottle, then use a knife or scissors to cut out the holes and insert a spoon. Next, you need to make two more holes for the second spoon in the same way. After this, you must fill the bottle with food using a watering can or a paper envelope. In order to hang the feeder, you must first make a hole in the lid of the bottle, then pass the rope folded in half, tie the ends to the knot, then tighten the lid and the trough is ready.

    Another option is possible: you can cut off the top of the bottle and attach the plastic cover so that the food that is poured into the spoons does not spoil. And in order to hang the feeder, you should make holes in the plastic cover and pass the ropes, then connect them.

    There is an easier way to make a bird's trough, you just need to prepare a clean two-liter bottle, outline two windows on both sides, then cut out the windows with scissors or a knife, then make a hole in the lid, fasten the rope, pour the food on the bottom and the feederready.

    5-liter bottle of

    If you are planning to make a larger feeder for more birds, it's better to use a 5-liter plastic bottle. To work, you will need: a bottle, scissors or a knife, branches, as well as acrylic paints or a film - a self-adhesive. There are two ways to make a feeder from such a bottle.

    The first way: to outline the contours of one large window on one side of the bottle, then cut the window with a knife or scissors, then pass the folded rope twice through the hole made in the bottle cap, make a knot and hang the feeder by the eyelet. In order to attract the attention of birds to the bottle, you need to think in advance how to decorate the bottle. This can be done, for example, with a self-adhesive film.

    Another option - on two or three sides of the bottle, you must first designate two vertical strips, then make incisions in the middle and cut through the marked lines. In this way, the flaps will be obtained, the upper flaps will perform the function of the roof, and the lower flaps should be reduced. The upper flaps must be attached to the bottle with threads, for this you need to make small holes and thread the thread. Through the lid, you must pass a rope or wire to hang the feeder. In order for birds to sit comfortably at the feeding trough, it is necessary to fix the branches on each side. To make the feeder bright, it can be painted with acrylic paints. All stages of work are shown in the photo.