How to throw 10 kg for 7 days: diet of physicians, fasting, drinking diet

  • How to throw 10 kg for 7 days: diet of physicians, fasting, drinking diet

    If the slender figure does not give rest, and the desired figure on the scales does not appear, then it is worth using one of the presented diets, which will accurately help achieve the desired result. How to throw 10 kg in 7 days?

    All food systems are aimed at rapid weight loss and can be harmful to health, therefore they have such contraindications as:

    • Gastrointestinal diseases.
    • Food disorders: anorexia, bulimia, etc.
    • Cardiac diseases.
    • Diabetes mellitus.
    • Food allergy to diet components.

    A 10 kg diet for 7 days will bring more results if every day perform simple physical exercises, maintain a water balance and monitor sleep.

    Less 10 kg for a week on a diet of physicians

    On the first day, which is the most difficult, it is required to drink only water. All meals, coffee and tea are forbidden. For a day, 1 liter of mineral unsalted water. Better thawed or spring.

    On the second day, it is allowed to drink 1 liter of low-fat milk to 2.5%, which is divided into five meals until six in the evening.

    On the third day, repeat the first. Only mineral water, but it is transferred easier and hunger does not disturb.

    Ration of the fourth day - fresh vegetables up to 500 grams per day. Not cooked and not baked, as they lose half of their useful properties during heat treatment.

    On the fifth day, 1 liter of milk is again allowed.

    Sixth - one chicken egg, hard-boiled or soft-boiled.

    The last day, the seventh. Breakfast should be skipped, for lunch you can 100 grams of 0% curd or 250 milliliters of milk, and for dinner, tea or coffee without sugar.

    This diet is complicated, but the result will not be long in coming.

    Rigid drinking diet for 7 days

    This diet is by right the most difficult for weight loss and it can withstand only strong spirit and health. It is a more difficult variation of the drinking diet and involves the use within one week of only liquid drinks with a calorie content of 10 kilocalories per 100 milliliters. It can be coffee, tea, soda and, of course, water.

    Rigid drinking diet is based not only on low calorie intake, but also on slowing down the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which does not require processing of incoming food.

    From such a diet should go smoothly, gradually enter first the liquid sour-milk products and juices, then porridge and mashed potatoes, and then switch to solid food. The output lasts exactly the same as the diet lasted.


    Perhaps the most radical way to get rid of excess fat is a complete refusal of food. But in fact this method can even improve the body, and has long been used for medicinal purposes.

    Before the famine should be prepared. Gradually give up heavy foods, preferring light food. The time of supper is transferred to an earlier time, and after that, refuse altogether. Also with other meals. The main thing is a smooth transition. Completely refuse food only when you are completely confident in your abilities.

    After every urge to eat, drink a glass of cold water, it perfectly interrupts the feeling of hunger. Try not to get hung up on the desire to eat, get distracted, do what you love.

    Exit from the diet lasts 3 days. At this time, you need to drink freshly squeezed natural juices. In no case is it citrus, it is better to use vegetables or berries. Suitable pears, apples, kiwi, bananas.

    Adhering to fasting on the water, you can affirmatively answer the question "Can I lose 10 kg in a week?".And if the first days of the diet are given to everyone is quite difficult, then after some time there comes a burst of energy and a desire to continue. And the noticeable results, which are felt both on the scales and in the reflection in the mirror, will serve as an excellent motivation for continuing starvation.

    A great way to accelerate metabolism is sport. And here is the video with the exercises:

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