Gel lifting pectilift against wrinkles: reviews of those who applied it

  • Gel lifting pectilift against wrinkles: reviews of those who applied it

    Various lifting complexes have gained wide popularity among the fair sex, wishing to save their youth by any means. Appeared in the sale of a drug called "Pectilift" is still unknown to most consumers. Therefore, reviews on gel lifting pectilift against wrinkles of people who have already experienced it on themselves will be very interesting.



    "I bought a pectilift in a pharmacy. Like any woman, I wanted wrinkles to disappear. Packaging is unpretentious. But the promise on it is very attractive: it smooths deep wrinkles, tightens the face contour, stimulates cell renewal. In general, it is impossible not to be tempted.
    The first thing that struck me was the bottle. Inconvenient, reminds a jar for injections with the big rubber stopper and soldered by a metal lid. To get the gel, you need to climb your fingers into the bottle or gently shake it out on the palm of your hand. But the neck of the jar is wide, so take the remedy carefully so as not to spill.
    Gel odorless, easily applied to the skin. After it dries, there is a strong feeling of tightness of the skin.

    But here the effect from the application was practically not observed. After a month of application, deep wrinkles as they were, remained. The only positive moment is a pleasant freshness on the face after the procedure.
    I will not buy the drug anymore. "


    "In my opinion, the packaging is normal, the main thing is that the products are of high quality. The result after use is visible right away, the drug is right. And I think it's superfluous to pay more for a beautiful box. "


    "The product of the company" Doctor Pectin "is not so easy to find. I had to work hard to buy it. But after trying the drug, I realized that the work was not in vain.
    Pektilift I was advised by a well-known cosmetologist. And I'm just delighted with the result.
    The first thing that can be attributed to the merits is a completely natural product that does not contain dyes, perfumes and other chemicals. For this reason, the look of the gel itself is not very attractive.
    For myself, I took Pektilift for skin up to 35 years, the course is 14 days. The gel should be applied to the face and décolleté area in the form of a mask, the procedure lasts 10 minutes, then washed off with warm water. As the skin dries on the skin, the face tightens so that neither laugh nor speak is impossible.
    What I got the result: after the first procedure there is a noticeable narrowing of the pores, the skin color of the face becomes fresh just before the eyes. The expert explained to me that this drug contributes to the production of hyaluronic acid in the body, but it is necessary to drink up to one and a half or two liters of water per day. Only then will the effect be seen.
    After a two-week application of pectilift, the skin is elastic, a stunning complexion and, which is especially pleasing, the outlined wrinkles under the eyes are leveled.
    I myself will continue to use this tool and advise everything. "


    "Packaging is horror. One of these days has bought or purchased gel lifting pektilift against folds. I liked the price, and the instructions describe the effect of the drug that you can only dream about. Although it was scary to apply the drug to my face, I decided.
    The problems started already when the bottle was opened. It is sealed with a thick lid of aluminum( like bottles with antibiotics, which need to be diluted and typed through a rubber stopper syringe).I began to crack the lid with a knife, and as a result I cut my fingers.
    Hardly getting to the drug, faced with a second obstacle: getting the gel itself is also uncomfortable. You need to dip your fingers in a bottle or adjust the spoon. The tool itself is oddish, has no smell.
    The instructions say that pectilift should be applied to the skin for 10 minutes, then rinse and then use the cream that is usually applied.
    After the procedure there was a slight reddening of the skin, I thought it was an allergy to the components of cosmetics, but soon the redness passed.
    The effect is not bad, the skin after the mask feels smooth, the pores become noticeable less, it seemed to me that the wrinkles on the forehead were not so deep. Or maybe I just want to believe it. In any case, I will continue the course of masks, I'll look at the final result. "


    "I've never heard of such a preparation, but after reading the reviews, he interested me. The problem, as I understand it, is mostly in the packaging. You can ask your husband to open the jar and put the gel in a more convenient dish. If pectilift really helps to get rid of wrinkles, then the rest of the inconvenience - the jar and so on - is not so serious. "Video selection