Strengthening hair from falling out: folk remedies and recipes

  • Strengthening hair from falling out: folk remedies and recipes

    A natural process is the daily renewal of hair. On average, a person loses from thirty to fifty hairs a day, which is considered the norm. But if you notice that every day you lose more hair, you should sound an alarm and find a way to solve the problem.

    Among the main causes of hair loss are the following: metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins, which leads to a general weakening of the immune system and, accordingly, the weakening of the bulbs. Also it should be noted constant stress, anxiety, anxiety, which negatively affect the condition of the head of hear. In addition, you can call and such reasons as improper care, the effects of dyeing hair and frequent use of ironing, hair dryer.

    Strengthening hair from loss of folk remedies is the most effective way to solve this problem. The use of cosmetic products will cost much more, and the result will not be guaranteed, because it is not known what components are part of the funds, and how your scalp will react to them.

    Castor oil

    Below will be given advice on how to strengthen hair folk remedies.
    Positive effect on the roots of hair is castor oil - it is castor oil. Before you rub the oil into the scalp, it should be heated in a water bath. After the oil has been applied, the head should be wrapped in a towel and run for at least five hours. Next, the head should be washed with shampoo. This procedure should be repeated once a week, and after a month the amount of hair falling out will be significantly reduced.

    Nettle decoction

    An excellent remedy for hair loss - a decoction of nettles. From the young nettle it is necessary to boil the broth, cool to 40 degrees, and then rinse the head after each wash.

    Burdock and Calendula

    It is also useful to wash your head twice a week with a decoction of the roots of burdock and marigold flowers that can be purchased at the pharmacy. One liter of water will need ten grams of calendula and twenty grams of mug. You can also add fifteen grams of hop cones.

    Mask recipes

    The best means for strengthening hair is a home mask made of natural ingredients. Below you will find recipes for masks for each type of hair.

    Normal type

    For a normal type of hair, a mask of cognac, yolk and water is suitable. First you need to mix fifty grams of cognac, two yolks and a little water. Then the resulting mask should be rubbed into the scalp and hair evenly. And then wash off after 20 minutes.

    Bold type

    For oily hair, a mask made with onion and garlic is perfect. It is advisable to pass through the meat grinder two small bulbs and two heads of garlic. Then the resulting mixture should be applied to the scalp and rubbed into the roots of the hair.

    After five minutes, the head should be wrapped with polyethylene and warmed with a terry towel. Then after an hour, it is necessary to wash off the mask with shampoo, preferably flavored, and rinse with cold water. This mask not only nourishes the roots of hair, but also reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.

    Dry type

    The firming mask for dry hair can consist of fresh cabbage juice, aloe juice, castor oil and honey. First you need to mix a spoonful of cauliflower juice, a few drops of aloe juice, castor oil and a tablespoon of honey. Then the mask should be applied to strands of hair and held for ten minutes.

    Then you should wash your head, and then rinse your hair with a tincture of chamomile with cabbage juice. And after that, rinse your hair again with clean water. The mask can be applied to the hair once or twice a week.

    Video for viewing

    Below is a compilation of video lessons in which recipes of home masks for health, beauty and hair growth will be presented.