Crochet patterns for beginners with descriptions - for women, for children

  • Crochet patterns for beginners with descriptions - for women, for children

    Gradually winter sets in with its frosty wind and extremely low temperature outside the window. And what can protect from the cold better than knitted things? The more it is pleasant to wear them, if they are beautiful and connected with their own hands. Therefore, as never before, crochet patterns for beginners with a description that we are happy to share with the needlewomen.

    Conventional symbols for

    loops In order to easily read crochet patterns, we need to know the conventions that occur in them. So, the existing conventions:

    1. The basic designations
    1. How they are tied and look in the performance of

    We knit for children

    First of all, we always try to protect our children from cold. After all, they are more gentle creatures than adults. Crochet patterns for children - this is what you need a caring parent, who wants to not only warm, but also to decorate your child. Today we will analyze the simplest scheme of a knitted handbag for a small fashionista.

    Handbag "Square"

    Handbag scheme:

    Knitting starts with a chain of 6 inches that closes into a ring.

    When 2 squares-side of our handbag, made according to the scheme, ready, we sew them together. The binding can be done both with the help of a needle and a thread, or with a crochet.

    Advice: to make it easier for a child to carry a handbag, it is better to attach the handle to her more authentic. The handle is made with a braided pigtail from the same threads that were used on the purse itself, or by several rows of loops, crocheted, to your taste. So the child's hands will be free for moving games.

    For newborns

    Since by "children" we also mean newborns, we offer crochet crochet with patterns and description as an integral part of crochet for children. Since the most popular demand today are knitted booties, so that the feet of a newborn are always warm, consider the scheme of their knitting.


    Tapes here are optional, but, you see, they perfectly complement the pretty shoes.

    Knitting scheme:

    • We unfasten the foot according to the scheme 1
    • The toe - according to the scheme 2
    • The suggested design - the scheme 3
    • The finishing goes under the scheme 4

    . Also in this product there is an element called "stepping step", here it is executed as a column without a crochetst. b / n), but in reverse, from left to right.

    Description of work:

    1) We collect a thread from a string of 12 air loops( vp) with a color thread. So we begin to bind the foot according to scheme 1. We knit 56 loops. Next, we unfasten 1 relief column( r.st.) with the "walking step" and cut the thread.

    2) We knit a toe with a thread of the same color according to scheme 2.

    3) Then we knit the bootleg. We raise 40 stitches with a colored thread, we connect two relief half-columns with a crochet( r.p. semast.s / n).Then, with a white thread( or any other color different from the main one), we cut out 2 patterns according to the scheme 3. Finally, we finish the finish with the main color thread according to the scheme 4.

    4) We repeat the same actions for the second shoe.

    5) If desired, we decorate our products with ribbons.

    Openwork Crochet

    Knitted things are not only warm, but also beautiful. Do not forget this. And each needlewoman will be useful tips on open-work crochet crochet. Next, we suggest considering the open-work crochet crochet pattern.

    Your attention is drawn to 3 different patterns for openwork crochet. It is desirable to remember that each chosen scheme should be followed clearly, avoiding mistakes.

    Pattern 1

    Executed according to the scheme:

    Symbols in this diagram:

    Pattern 2

    Runs according to the scheme:

    Symbols in this diagram:

    Pattern 3

    Runs according to the scheme:

    Symbols in this diagram:

    So, it was consideredseveral crochet patterns for beginners. In this section we discussed crocheting for women schemes and models for free. Developing the skills of crocheting, you can learn to knit really beautiful and unique things that combine a lot of different in complexity patterns.