How to get dressed in the Year of the Horse - what to wear for the year of the horse 2014

  • How to get dressed in the Year of the Horse - what to wear for the year of the horse 2014

    Every day brings closer New Year holidays. Already now we are setting ourselves the question: "How to dress in the Horse Year?" And dress to respect the mistress of the outgoing year and worthy to meet the lady of the new. Someone chooses two outfits for both cases, someone is ready to be content with only one. In the first case, and in the second case, the choice is really difficult. I want to match not only astrological colors, but also fashion. But the main thing - you want to look not just good, but stunning, stunning! Let's turn to Her Majesty the Fashion for help.

    We appeal to the fashion

    Chiffon dress with sparkles

    If you dream to see yourself only in an evening dress, then try to match the season 2013-2014, where the basic requirements are generosity, chic and splendor.

    Green flowing dress The first thing that designers will surprise you with is the chic evening gown 2014 made of chiffon. Here, and long trains, and lush skirts, and open shoulders. This, of course, clothes for young Aphrodite and individuals who won the right to march along the red carpet. Squeak fashion - gold lace, crystals, jewelry. The image will end harmoniously with the clutch bag and the same classic hairpin.

    It is worth looking at clothes from the collections of Peter Dundas( Emilio Pucci).It successfully combines sexuality and restraint: cutouts that open the shoulders and cuts, exposing the legs literally rivet the eye. For a sample, you can take a summer collection this year - evening snow-white dresses with a frame. And what about translucent black dresses! There are no rhinestones, here are a minimum of jewelry. But the owners of such decorations are incredibly sexy!

    Combine styles

    Dress with lace and large earrings

    This is also possible. It is only necessary to revise the fashion trends of the last two years and choose the so-called golden mean. What do we get?

    Firstly - transparency. Of course, we are not talking about fully transparent dresses, but only about inserts, i.e., decor elements.

    Dress from chiffon with fur trim

    Secondly - the use of lace. For example, side parts, back, neckline. The most advantageous is still the combination of "white-black".Very interesting looks lace trim, embroidery and decor of a weightless, fluffy fur. With such dresses, "cold" necklaces with crystals resembling ice cubes perfectly harmonize. A purse in blue tones will be appropriate.

    Thirdly - the "gold" finish. Some readers may sigh reading these lines: "Here, they say, another example of immoderation and vulgarity," but let me assure you: only excess is vulgar, and a beautiful combination gives exactly the most subtle luxury to which we all aspire. Thin fringing with gold lace, for example, looks very, very elegant. If you do not like lace, you can choose an option with feathers and a fur trim. In addition, cover a fur coat of any length, which with careless grace can be thrown off the shoulders upon arrival at the place designated for the celebration.

    Evening dresses "mini"

    Short green dress

    For those who are ready to show the dignity of an impeccable figure - mini dresses. Although the concept of "impeccability" is quite stretchable. Non-ideal hips, for example, can sometimes be hidden under the length "in the knee", opening beautifully outlined caviar. A beautiful breast can advantageously emphasize an in-depth narrow neckline. For those who do not shine a long neck, the winning option will be the V-neck( and also narrower and longer, too).Classic version of "mini" - cocktail dress( simplified, shortened version of the evening dress).Plus this dress is that it is not dusty in the wardrobe, because wearing it, throwing on, for example, a stylish jacket, it will be possible daily. Here you can choose any of the styles: European, Latin American, retro. Cocktail dresses of the European plan have a lot of styles, they use different fabrics and finishes. In Latin American dresses, as a rule, the bodice is held by thin straps, and the skirt is wide, sometimes with a lot of scarfs. The retro style( 60-70s) is a skirt with wrinkles. Designers are inclined, of course, to fall into this extreme season, offering the maximum "mini" and maximum "maxi", but the classical middle has not been canceled by anyone. Choose the length that suits you, "play" with the pleated pleating that is able to both increase and hide the "necessary" places. The choice is huge.

    Special attention should be paid to the favorite dresses of Coco Chanel herself - black "mini".

    As for the color range, white, blue and green colors will be more appropriate. Black, of course, is beyond competition. He is always in fashion.

    How to dress in a year Horses photo:

    Protein dress with a black necklace
    Black dress with a neckline
    Emerald dress with a fur trim
    Short blue shawl dress
    Black dress with lace shoulders
    Gently green dress on the straps
    Black dress with a braided bodice
    Blue open-work dress
    A sparkling blue-gray outfit
    Evening dress made of organza