Recommendations on how to choose the right bicycle for your home

  • Recommendations on how to choose the right bicycle for your home

    An exercise bike is a stationary bicycle for exercising at home, imitating cycling. Training on such a simulator promotes the overall physical development of the body. In order to determine what type of bike you need, first determine the goals, what you need it for.

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    How does the exercise bike work?

    This sports attribute, first of all, is useful because it effectively acts on the physical health of the body. The effect of the exercise bike is visible after a few weeks. Regular exercises increase the endurance of the body, that is, the body begins to resist physical fatigue, and also trains the legs, the muscles of the legs become stronger, and the joints become more mobile. It also strengthens the ligaments, this affects the stability of the legs to injuries. It also develops respiratory and cardiovascular systems, which is good for the prevention of many diseases.

    With the help of an exercise bike you can reduce weight, as training on the simulator effectively burns calories. Depending on the loads, you can burn up to 500 calories in 40 minutes.

    Special load goes to the hips, this corrects the figure, as well as there is an additional load on the abdomen. Since it is harder to pump the hips harder than the stomach, it can be done quickly and easily on an exercise bike, since it is primarily designed for hip muscles. Another advantage of this sporting thing is that during training you do not heavily burden your knees and ankles, which is an important factor for your health.

    Classes help to relieve stress. If, during training, the load is properly distributed, the exercise bike causes the emotions of the race, a quick ride, and that removes stress. Also, the simulator allows you to practice your favorite sport, regardless of the weather and season.

    Types of

    At the moment the market offers different types of exercise bikes. From such a diversity, each person can choose the best fit for himself. Each type of simulator is special in its own way, and has its drawbacks.

    Vertical bikes simulate a track bike. If you like to ride an ordinary bike, then this trainer is just for you. On it you will feel full loads like when riding a track bike. Its feature is that the pedals are in a vertical position, in this regard, the legs are on a vertical plane, which makes it possible to train all the muscles of the body. Vertical trainer takes the first step in demand for exercise bikes in the world. They are economical in that they occupy little space. But they are contraindicated for people with back injuries.

    The most convenient exercise bikes are horizontal .They are specially created for people who have any health problems, including diseases associated with the back. On such simulators, the landing is horizontal, which makes it possible to not heavily burden your back. Horizontal bikes are often used after the rehabilitation period to restore the muscular system of the legs, also help to work out the respiratory and cardiac systems. Such simulators are often used in polyclinics and hospitals, they are safe to use.

    If you are constantly traveling on business trips, and want to always have an exercise bike with you, the portable form of the is suitable for you. Since it is designed for convenience in the light of the fact that it can be transported. Also, if your home does not have a lot of free space, this simulator will suit you, due to the fact that it takes up little space. It also has its drawbacks, since it is not as effective as other simulators, due to the fact that the load is not distributed evenly and thus it is difficult to distribute efforts to both legs during training.

    The Hybrid exercise bike includes horizontal and vertical exercise bikes. Its advantage is that training on it can be carried out both sitting and reclining, since its chair is adjustable. But they do not use demand on the market, because of this, they are rarely found on sale.

    Simulator parameters, which should be taken into account

    When choosing an exercise bike, you need to take into account its parameters for comfortable workouts. When choosing, concentrate on its basic parameters, which system for measuring the pulse, what types of load, what functions the computer is equipped with. Let's consider each parameter in more detail.

    1. Heart rate system
    During training, there must be a heart rate monitor. In bikes, which are now on the market, the system for measuring heart rate pulse is already included. The accuracy of the readings depends on the type of pulse measurement sensor. Most often, the heart rate sensors are on the bilge of the simulator, or are attached to the body. If the sensor is attached to the body, it will more accurately show the readings. Also, pulse measurement sensors are wired and wireless. Wiring is better because the readings are more accurate, but with a wireless sensor it is more convenient and comfortable to do it, since wires do not interfere.

    2. Load types
    Velosimulators exist with two types of loads: mechanical and magnetic. Each type of load has its own characteristics.

    1. The mechanical type operates without electricity, and has compact dimensions. Also, mechanical types are divided, depending on the load adjustment, on the belt or shoe. Cheap bike is belt, so it has a simple mechanism. The drawbacks of the belt are the noise and sharpness of the stroke. A pedal bike has a resistance system like a real bike. The disadvantage of such a simulator is that the pads are erased and require replacement.

    2. Magnetic bikes require connection to electricity. Because of the fact that in magnetic models the resistance is created by means of a powerful electromagnet, the load is regulated in a large range. This is the difference between magnetic and mechanical. On magnetic bikes there is a modern electronics system, to adjust the work, as well as magnetic models have a pulse measurement system.

    3. Computer functions
    Computer functions are one of the important elements for comfortable training on an exercise bike. Simple cheap simulators are equipped with a standard module that shows the speed, time, the amount of distance traveled, the number of calories burned. Expensive models equipped with a magnetic system, in addition to the standard module, are equipped with an even greater selection of programs that help with training.

    Maintenance of the

    In order for your exercise bike to last longer, it requires compulsory maintenance. When taking care, consider some factors:

    1. Before assembling and operating, be sure to read the instructions for use.

    2. After purchasing a folding exercise bike, be sure to assemble it qualitatively so that all the fasteners are well tightened and the parts do not hang. If your model does not have special alignment controls, be sure to place it on a flat surface.

    3. If your exercise bike is a mechanical( belt or shoe), do not give it a big load at once, as it must first be run in order for the parts to get used to everything. Moreover, if during a long lesson you hear noises and knocking, do not bring the simulator to these sounds, after a week of operation, you can increase the load.

    4. The simulator just bought should not be used immediately, let it stand a little if it was under the wobble of temperature difference. For example, if you bought it in the winter, when it's cold outside, putting it in the apartment, there is a temperature drop, so the mechanical exercise bike needs to warm up.

    5. Use the trainer permanently. Regular loads are useful to you and him.

    6. Do not repair it yourself if you do not have a qualification for any breakage of magnetic and shoe bikes.

    7. And of course, wipe it with a damp rag so that dust does not accumulate on it.

    So, to select a simulator you need to decide what you need it for. Look at what kinds of simulators are on sale in your area and determine which one is best for you. After buying follow the recommendations for use, and take care of the bike, then it will serve you long and without breakdowns.