Evening dresses for the New Year 2015 - evening dresses for the New Year 2015( + photo)

  • Evening dresses for the New Year 2015 - evening dresses for the New Year 2015( + photo)

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    In the magic of New Year's Eve everyone believes: from avid skeptics to her adepts. Especially follow all the signs and rules of women, anxiously choosing a festive outfit. After all, evening dresses for the New Year 2015 can become a fateful attribute for the fulfillment of all desires and hopes in the future.

    Cocktail or "on the floor"

    A close-fitting dress in a floor with long sleeves

    The decision of this question depends on the place where you will meet the New 2015 year. If you have a trip to a respectable restaurant or a high-status event, then for such a holiday it is better to cook a luxurious royal dress with a floor length.

    If you celebrate this magical holiday at a friendly party, in a nightclub where the atmosphere of rhythmic dances, moving games and jokes will reign, it is better, depending on the constitution and age, to prefer a comfortable midi or extravagant mini.

    What evening dresses are relevant for the New Year 2015?

    Stylish dress from Armani

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    Fashion trends from world designers will help you decide on the shape, fabric and color of future festive clothes. Leaders of the fashion industry have proposed elegant styles, sensual silhouettes, luxurious, caressing fabrics and exquisite decor for the upcoming New Year party 2015.

    Despite a wide choice of diverse models, they are united by beautiful smooth lines, sexy cuts and d├ęcolletage, asymmetry and exciting silhouettes, as well as chic retro style. The fashionable focus of New Year's attire 2015 is aimed at exceptional elegance in all aspects. After all, the mistress of the coming year - the Blue-Green Goat or the Sheep - is absolutely a woman's sign. Patroness supports the "weak" half of humanity, guaranteeing happiness, luck and luck to each representative for signs of attention to her person and elegant evening attire.

    Emphasis on color

    Designers of fashion shows demonstrated this year on the world catwalks in their models of clothes luxurious shades of unprecedented depth. Often it was the colors that remained the main ornament of New Year's dresses 2015.

    Carolina Herrera

    The Carolina Herrera collection, for example, focused on the sensual, exquisite combination of mocha and indigo, the favorite color of the Blue Wooden Goat. The shine of natural silk only emphasized the amazing contrast of deep, and at the same time eye-catching colors. These models of evening New Year's dresses with a solo color in the design were laconic and smooth lines.

    Not all couturiers adhered to the favorite colors of the Symbol of 2015 - the Blue-Green Goat( Lamb) - any shades of blue or green, turquoise or emerald. Contrary to the rule of Mistress New Year's Eve: no shade of red to wear - the same brand Carolina Herrera decided to surprise everyone with her feminine and romantic evening dresses of red and blue. Their multilayeredness, airiness and incredible ease of texture should be liked by the favorite of the year - Kose, a real aesthetic.

    Long dress with geometric print
    Gray dress with a seductive cut
    Two-layered silk dress
    Two-tone dress Carolina Herrera
    White dress with a wide vinous belt

    Zac Posen

    If the brand Carolina Herrera released evening dresses for the New Year 2015 of two colors to please the Eastern customs, then the impudent Zac Posen and at all gave preference to a purple hue. Strange as it may seem, his luxurious dresses with a lush skirt and open bodice have become a trend of the season. They were loved by many women of fashion on all continents, because with their help it was easy to turn into a princess, who appeared on the New Year's ball. Exquisite silhouette and purple taffeta of unearthly beauty make the models of this brand surprisingly elegant and stylish.

    Hollywood-style dress
    Complicated cut
    Dress with lush skirt and stand-up collar
    Brightly orange dress made of taffeta
    Noble-burgundy color
    Long coral dress

    Other collections of world fashion favorites remained in line with the preferences of the Mistress of the Year, adhering to the blue-green range of shades, pastel tones and classic black and white genre.

    Various textures and cutting

    New models of evening dresses will please us with a variety of cuts. They are both airy and unusual. The ball is ruled by cuts, decollete and drapery.


    The Givenchy brand has distinguished itself by a harmonious combination of different textures in evening dresses for the New Year 2015. The bodices of these unique models are made of a voluminous tweed that is exquisitely decorated with decorative fringe. The dense and textured bodice, for the joy of the playful Goat, stands out in perfect contrast with the light, airy chiffon skirt. This combination quickly gained popularity and will become mega relevant in 2015.

    Dress with a tight bodice
    Dress with a transparent flying skirt

    Ralph Lauren

    One of the leaders of the fashion industry - Ralph Lauren brand - decided to decorate their evening dresses with complex intricate cuts, extraordinary details and a combination of unexpected elements - for example, a raincoat and dresses inone set. This model was so popular with viewers of world shows that it soon became a trend trend of fashion 2015.

    Dress - raincoat from Ralph Lauren

    Evening dresses from Ralph Lauren for New Year will surprise the people around with unusual cut combining deep decollete, drapery, cuts. The game with elements of cut designers of this brand create real masterpieces. Thanks to such an original combination of different elements, the color palette of evening dresses remains low-key so as not to overload the image. It included pastel beige and gray, as well as a muted bordeaux.

    Knitted dress with a lilac fur cap
    Silk dress of a gently pink color
    Silk dress with a long scarf
    Dress with a cloak

    Long evening dresses

    Elegant dresses on the floor for the New Year's holiday of the Blue or Green Goat 2015 is the undisputed leader of each collection of brands withworld fame.

    Badgley Mischka

    Badgley Mischka delighted the fair sex with luxurious black evening dresses of deep mysterious color. Long models "on the floor" were decorated with exquisite rich decor in the form of a truly royal embroidery, made of gold thread.

    Elegant golden dress
    Delicate dress decorated with beads and bugles
    Cream flowing dress
    Fashionable dress made of taffeta and lace
    Black embroidered with gold
    Brilliant from Badgley Mischika

    Reem Acra

    In the style of playful sexuality and provocations - the main trends of the 2015 season - was shownmodels of evening dresses from the latest collection of Reem Acra. Sensual images of transparent materials, lace, with a tight silhouette and unusual details amazed by their frankness and surpassed many brands.

    With red lace
    With black lace
    Transparent with embroidery
    Transparent milky color
    Adjacent golden
    Short dresses Reem Akra
    Purple with fur
    White Reem Acra

    Giorgio Armani

    Brand Giorgio Armani presented interesting models in which playful asymmetry was combined with a contrasting black and white combination.

    Gray flickering
    With deep decollete
    With asymmetrical motifs
    Long with smell

    Anna Sui

    Luxurious decor and noble materials - in the favorite retro style of the fashionista Goat - suggested Anna Sui. These were rich evening dresses in the style of the twenties of last century from black velvet with the main "highlight" - exquisite silver embroidery.

    With embroidery from Anna Sui
    Velvet dress

    Vera Wang

    Again surprised all of their fans Vera Wang. Her favorite silhouette of evening dresses - "fish" - harmoniously combined with a deep pearl-flickering material of black color.

    Aerial black dress
    Silhouette of fish from Vera Wang
    Transparent short lace dress
    Long open-work dress

    Christian Ciriano

    Christian Ciriano decided to revive the print "peas".Transparent and multilayered materials of evening dresses with this actual drawing made it possible for an intricate and unordinary game of white circles on a black background.

    Chic black
    With moire luster
    Pea dress


    The Valentino collection on a black background of a transparent veil of evening New Year's dresses has placed the original volumetric embroidery with pleasant floral motifs.

    Transparent dress with vegetable motifs
    Transparent dress with butterflies
    Dress of a forest fairy from Valentino

    Short cocktail dresses

    For short evening dresses for New 2015 designers presented exquisite rich decor.

    Badgley Mischka

    Models of gently creamy dresses from the fashion brand Badgley Mischka were generously embroidered with beads and bugles, crystals and crystals.

    Short with gold embroidery

    Reem Acra

    The fashion house Reem Acra impressed viewers with romantic, elegant models of evening cocktail dresses with a laconic cut and a refined floral ornament that seemed to come alive with every slightest movement on the catwalk.

    With fur collar
    Dress with floral ornament

    Christian Siriano

    A young but successful brand Christian Siriano has given a new interpretation to the legendary black dress-case: an unexpected design solution of a cut with a scent and a collar-"shawl" in the retro-styled adorable Goat.

    Dress with bolero
    Short emerald from Christian Ciriano
    Dress with odor

    Evening dresses for New Year 2015 are distinguished by a special luxury and femininity. They are able to give charm and charm to any fair sex, turning it into a "queen of the upcoming New Year's ball."