How to succeed everywhere: the secrets of shopping from experts

  • How to succeed everywhere: the secrets of shopping from experts

    Life in non-stop mode is now not uncommon: dynamic events tirelessly replace each other and sometimes it is so difficult to cope with their flow. The ability to quickly find ways to solve all problems and plan a vacation is a truly enviable skill. And do you always manage to drop all your worries at the end of the day and just relax?
    The best assistants remain efficiency and organization, but we suggest that you get acquainted with several lifhakas that will give you +1 to success! It will be an integral part of the modern life of everyone - shopping. Today in the program:

    • where and when it is better to buy;
    • how to master the art of profitable shopping;
    • how not to become a shopaholic.

    Be in the trend

    To be at the right time in the right place is always pleasant, and sometimes even very useful, is not it? If you ever accidentally found the opportunity to make a purchase at a better price than planned - you are familiar with this. And here you are enthusiastically rushing to the goal, the cherished purchase lies in your hands, and the happy remnant in your wallet faithfully warms the soul. And there is nothing more joyful, unless one makes such a coincidence a good tradition.

    To keep abreast of current events is important not only in the field of your profession and political situation in the country, allow yourself to be interested in all the novelties that can simplify life. To expand the field of view, bypass the already familiar store in the shopping center or shopping site, look at new pages and blogs, find out about current discounts and planned sales. To follow all the news will help to subscribe to the newsletter with all the products you are interested in.

    Invented by people and for people

    Acquisition of clothes and accessories always remain relevant, as fashion trends do not stand still. To make mass purchases for the next season, it is better to use Internet shopping marts, like this https: // shopomio.en /shops/ wildberries. Such portals integrate the assortment of many online stores into one and you will no longer need to jump on the pages of different brands. In addition, special offers from trading platforms allow you to save on purchases doubly during special sales.

    Discount coupons and promotional codes have become a great find and are gaining popularity on the Internet. You can find them both on the site of the store where you make a purchase, and on sites that specialize in collecting coupons for all stores. Watch the sections of Promotion, Sale and Super Price, to buy things at discounted prices.


    Cause time - fun hour

    As a rule, the most large-scale sales are arranged in honor of some event or on the eve of the holiday. Comprehensive advertising just does not leave you a chance to be ignorant about upcoming events, so the most important thing is just not to miss them. The best shares are given for a limited number of goods, so they have a short term.
    Sale by March 8, before the New Year or the annual Black Friday - is an incredible discount for all services and products of any category. Therefore, if you have not decided for a long time to buy - it's time to kill two birds with one stone!

    Shopping Control

    If you have never thought about whether you are a shopaholic, this does not mean that such a diagnosis is not relevant. Ready to test it right now?

    Top thoughts aloud from a shopaholic:

    1. What else would you buy? Although I have all the necessary, and not very, accessories, that bell was very tempting to look at me from behind the window-that's why I had to buy it. Once it is definitely useful, yes-yes!
    2. A day without purchases - time wasted! Something week did not ask at all - the weather is bad, there is no mood, nothing pleases. All the hope for a new boutique - there I will definitely find myself a joy.
    3. With every purchase a gift? I take it! I have never been able to buy it, and then there's the action! By the way, what is the main product?
    4. I do not spend much, I just need all this. There are no unplanned expenses, there are always useful things, where without them?
    5. Marketing Victim? No, I just trust my choice to professionals, besides - I can not buy all this if I do not want to.

    So, do such thoughts sound in your head? A random coincidence of at least 3 signs indicates your addiction to unscheduled purchases. Do you want a bonus?

    Forget the credit cards

    Golden shopping rule

    Let the bonus word and attracted you as a pleasant addition to the purchase, suggest you learn how to resist this impulse and avoid unexpected expenses.

    1. Make lists - short-term and long-term, they will help you plan the budget and form a clear trajectory of the hike through the shopping center, from the grocery to the clothing department.
    2. Forget about cards and credit cards - no tricks are needed for a client who holds a card with an unlimited amount of funds. Set the boundaries within which you plan to make a purchase and better take this limited amount with you.
    3. Ask the question "is it worth it?".Imagine that the desired product, which right now and beckons to become its owner, will be available only in a week? And if he needs to go to the other end of the city? If only you are doubted, the money spent will hardly meet your expectations.
    4. Watch trends, but do not forget your traditions. Always be loyal to your taste and style, but keep an eye out for what is fashionable and relevant today. Fashion tends to repeat, and you can complement and change it depending on your preferences.
    5. Do not exhaust your appetite and it's not just about food. After watching the latest products in the world of technology or learning about the release of a new seasonal collection of clothes, do not rush, headlong, go to the store. Think about it and weigh what you really need from it, and then go on a hunt. Big purchases are best done step by step - make a decision today, and implement it tomorrow. Unless of course you change your mind.

    The secrets of shopping are unexpectedly obvious things, which sometimes can not be understood very quickly. This is what art consists of, which is as important as studying the process of buying from an economic point of view. And while new skills after completing the lesson fill up your piggy bank, new sales are ready to seduce you. Successful shopping!