Boxes for gifts with own hands: templates and diagrams with video lessons

  • Boxes for gifts with own hands: templates and diagrams with video lessons

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    Beautiful and unusual packaging of gifts gives a pleasant impression, creates a little intrigue. Just want to check what's inside? To make a present, you do not need to contact the packing department, or you can work on your own. Let's try to figure out how to make a gift box with our own hands.

    There are actually a lot of such packages. You can make it simply from cardboard and decorate with a bow of paper or ribbon. The most interesting are the options with elements of scrapbooking. Below we will consider both the first and the second kind of packaging.

    Simple box without glue

    Prepare decorative heavy paper, scissors, tape, pencil. Below is a simple master class.

    Let's start with the lid. Draw and cut a square with a side of 21.5 cm. Draw two diagonals.

    Bend one of the corners of the square so that the vertex coincides with the intersection of the diagonals.

    Then make a bend to a quarter of the diagonal and unfold the corner.

    Now, with each angle, perform similar actions.

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    Make two notches in opposite corners, as shown in the illustration.

    Minimize corners without cuts on already made bends.

    Lateral sides wrapped inside.

    Then bend the loose ends and refill.

    The lid is ready.

    Cut out a 21 × 21 cm square from the plain color cardboard and do the same manipulations as with the lid.

    By changing the size of the square and the color of the paper, you can easily make beautiful boxes in the right amount in a short time.

    The packaging is decorated with ribbons or decorative bows. Here are some photos.

    Let's make a big bow for our box.

    Cut 9 colored strips of colored paper, the length ratio is clearly visible in the picture. Each glue in the form of a figure eight. It turned out 4 sizes of parts.

    Now you need to connect the elements, overlapping them, following the principle: from larger to smaller. Once the glue dries a little, strengthen the bow on the box.

    Box with a heart

    Let's make a gift box for a wedding with charming hearts.

    For crafts, take:

    • double-sided cardboard 25 × 25 cm;
    • scissors;
    • adhesive;
    • stationery knife;
    • plastic for lamination 12 × 12 cm;
    • strips for glue with beads, beads or rhinestones;
    • artificial flowers;
    • leaflets( they can be cut from lace and glued to floss in order to give them a density);
    • circuit.

    Cut out the patterns and walk along these lines with a blunt knife to easily make neat folds in the right places.

    Pattern heart to translate into a detail of the cover and cut with a stationery knife.

    On the lines make folds and fold the box, fix it with glue.

    Carefully close the window with a film from the wrong side.

    Decorate the cover with flowers, strips with beads.

    Make a bottom like this. Supplement the composition with a ribbon.

    Creative ideas

    1. A box of coffee color.

    To make such an unusual design, you need to print the text made with calligraphic typeface. Slightly wet the sheet with water and sprinkle evenly with a small amount of instant coffee, gently rub it. Coffee is better to take in the form of a powder, but not granules. Then cut the paper into several pieces of irregular shape and glue any suitable finished box.

    2. Small boxes - one in the other.

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