How to choose the size of shoes - how to choose the right size

  • How to choose the size of shoes - how to choose the right size

    In order to easily pick up your shoes, you need to know the size of your foot. It is determined by the length and width of the foot. There are several different shoe numbering systems depending on the country that produces it.

    International Standard

    This standard is expressed in letters and digits ISO 3355-77, it is used in Russia. The number of shoes on it is the size of the foot in millimeters, and its length is measured from the edge of the heel to the tip of the thumb, the correction to the shape of the pad is not done, which simplifies the system.

    Shoe measuring for the international standard

    European system

    The shoe size in this system is calculated by the length of the shoe insole. For the unit of measurement, a stroke equal to 2/3 cm or a decimal system of 6.7 mm is adopted. The length of the insole is always several millimeters longer than the length of the foot, the difference is the functional allowance.


    This system determines the foot size in inches( inch is equal to 2.54 cm).The English for the zero size adopted the size of the legs of a newborn baby. The numbering of dimensions in this system goes through every 1/3 of an inch from number 0 to 13, and then repeats and again from 0 to 13.

    The American system

    The American system is similar in all respects to English, but is shifted to zero by a distance of 1/12 inches, which is 2.1 mm. In addition, Americans have a special numbering system for women. This system is further shifted towards a decrease.

    Completeness of shoes

    How to choose the right shoe size with a wide leg? Along with the size there is one more parameter - completeness. In Russia, according to GOST 3927-88, the fullness of shoes is determined from 1 to 12 every 4 mm, in Europe - from 1 to 8 through 5 mm, in the United States and Great Britain - by letters: A, B, C, etc.every 5 mm.

    How to determine the size of the

    To determine the size of the shoes, you first need to measure the length of the foot. It is better if someone helps you. Put your foot in a sock on a white sheet of paper. To keep the leg right, you need to stand flat. Ask someone to circle your leg with a pen or pencil. Then, measure the distance from the heel to the tip of the largest finger on the drawn track. This will be your size.

    Measuring the length of the foot with a pencil

    For greater accuracy and because the legs may differ slightly in size from each other, draw and measure the traces of both feet. You need to choose the one that will be greater.

    The fullness of the foot can also be measured. To do this, you need to measure the centimeter of the circumference of the foot along the metatarsal, that is, between the most prominent ossicles of the external and internal arches of the foot.

    Measuring the fullness and volume of the foot

    Foot measurement is best done in the morning, but not since the morning. It is then that your foot gets a normal shape for it. In the morning it is still slightly compressed, and by the evening it will become swollen after a day's work.

    How to choose the size of shoes in the store? It's best to buy the shoes of the familiar brand that you already wore. Then boldly take the same size, but, of course, it's better to try on, because the shoes may not fit you in width.

    If the shoes are leather, then over time it is slightly worn, therefore, choose one that fits snugly to the foot, but does not press.

    It depends not only on the durability of the shoes, but also on the condition of your feet. Tight shoes will quickly tear, from her on the feet are formed napotypes, calluses, fingers are warped. That's why fitting should be done standing, it will not be superfluous and walk a bit around the store.

    Always buy only those shoes that fit well on the leg. Do not expect that it will be stretched or carried. This takes time, and you will have time to create your own problems. In addition, only leather shoes are stretched slightly. The toes of the legs during fitting should not be compressed, otherwise the legs will not only swell, but also ache.

    If you still bought leather shoes, and it gently presses you, then you can use a special stretch spray. Sprinkle the shoes with a spray inside and out, put it on and put it on at home. After two or three hours, the skin will stretch and the shoes will fit you.

    How to choose the size of shoes for a child

    It is very important for a small, growing leg to develop properly. Because of incorrectly selected shoes Therefore, it is especially necessary to select the size of shoes for the baby.

    If the child is not walking yet, then the size of the shoes does not matter much, because nothing but buy it to him is not necessary. When the child begins to walk, the shoe size is selected according to the drawing of the heel, made in the same way as for adults.

    How to choose the size of children's shoes for the winter season? In winter, the baby's legs should be kept warm. Therefore boots or boots should be worn on warm socks. Naturally, they, shod in socks, should be a little larger, so that the legs do not crush and they were comfortable.

    As the child grows fast, the size of his leg will increase rapidly, so you will have to draw his heels often enough.