How to decorate a dress for the New Year - decorate the dress

  • How to decorate a dress for the New Year - decorate the dress

    New Year is the brightest and most fabulous holiday, which is always eagerly awaited by people of all ages, from young to old. It is filled with joy and magic, tinsel, shiny Christmas tree toys, masquerade, wonders of the transformation of the fair sex of our planet into unearthly beauty fairies. For any woman, New Year's Eve is associated with luxurious outfits, exquisite make-up and magnificent decorations. The perfect choice is always and always a beautiful dress. It should be competently and tastefully matched, then this luxurious outfit will emphasize the elegance and femininity of your image, create a cheerful and festive mood.

    In 2014 the fashion industry pleases fashionistas with an abundance of styles and fabrics, a rainbow of shades and an entire arsenal of jewelry. If you have to limit yourself to the budget option for choosing a dress or want to defeat everyone by the originality of the outfit, you will have to think about how to decorate a dress for the New Year 2014 - the Year of the Green or Blue Horse. The secret is that many of the fashion trends of the previous year continue to be relevant for the outfits of the coming year. And in order to meet the first of January in a unique, refreshed and at the same time refined dress, you can take advantage of design ideas from famous world couturiers.

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    Christmas dress with crystals
    • Actual dresses, decorated with rhinestones or artificial stones.
    • Pisce of New Year's fashion will be decorations on dresses made of wooden beads. You can also use to decorate the outfits of buttons from a shiny tree.
    • The most fashionable and popular will be natural stones of green and blue shades: emeralds and sapphires, topazes and aquamarines. Black agate - onyx will not leave behind them.
    • Going to the store for Christmas decorations, you need to take the dress with you, so as not to be mistaken in the choice of shade and texture. Try on accessories, do not hesitate to put a dress on yourself, so that they are in harmony with the New Year's attire. You can buy a set of jewelry, but designers warn that it is necessary to remember the emphasis on one thing, if this thing is massive. To a rich necklace, for example, you should not choose the same large earrings.
    • Diamond jewelry owners can choose a laconic dress - "fish" or "case".They are able to further highlight the luxury and game of stones.
    • In a more modest outfit for the New Year 2014, you can decorate the dress with a thematic brooch in the form of a snowflake, a Snow Maiden, a horse, or in the form of a regular round shape inlaid with stones. Pin it in a deep V-cut or asymmetrical assembly on one shoulder and it will not only decorate the dress, but will even change its style.
    • Bijouterie with a New Year theme: bracelets and pendants in the form of snowflakes, Santa Claus or Santa Claus hats, skates or sleds will cheer you and others.
    Dress embroidered with sequins
    • You can buy beautiful embroidery, sequins, tracery or fur inserts in needle shops and use them for stripes. Products made of beads will also change the dress beyond recognition. Rhinestones and artificial stones, embroidered appliqués in the "creative mess", can decorate an original dress even with a simple cut.
    Dresses depicting horses
    • The image of the next year's mascot horse can be embroidered on a dress or belt.
    • Spray with sparkles for hair can not only decorate the head of the "queen of the ball", but also spray it around the dress. In the light of Christmas tree garlands, it will create a light exhilarating gleam on your outfit, and after the celebration it will easily be erased without damaging the dresses.

    Fashion ideas from the world leaders of the fashion industry

    Dress with transparent inserts

    Before decorating the dress for the New Year 2014, we will get acquainted with the collections of successful designers at world shows.

    • Rich jewelry from fantasy prints, feathers, asymmetrical forms, decorative clothing elements: bright straps and buckles, golden or silver threads on the corset, rhinestones and stones on dresses made from natural fabrics looked fresh and original in collections of couturiers with world names. Carolina Ferrera, Barbara Tfank and Jonathan Saunders pleased the guests with classic dress-cases with inserts of transparent fabric and golden appliqués, brocade and floral prints.
    • The famous brand Valentino decorated a small blue "school" dress with white lace around the field.
    • Velvet cocktail dresses from Marios Schwb with a spicy design of the illusion of open shoulders in the style of "nude", covered with the finest veil, are intriguing by their unusualness.
    • A short black waistcoat with spectacular romantic ruffles on a dark blue cocktail mini dress with an X-shaped silhouette from Cristiano Burani will like its sweet immediacy the noble mistress of the year.
    Feather boa
    • Fur boas or exquisite boas in the form of a horse's mane, decorating mini-dresses and bustiers from Topshop Unique look not only sexy and charming, but also emphasize the fragility and beauty of the slender figures of their owners. Roberto Cavalli and Vera Wang presented intriguingly modest style and cuts in their collections, but Jullien MacDonald impressed the guests with frank provocation.
    • The simplicity of a direct, lush or flared cut of New Year's dresses from famous designers Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab and Monique Lhuillier is compensated by the luxury of fabrics and the richest story embroideries and prints depicting jockeys and horses.

    Choosing a worthy decoration for the New Year's attire 2014, you need to consider that the dress should ideally match your figure. No super-fashion apparel will adorn you if it reveals at least one drawback of the figure. In the kit for the "royal" one should take a dazzling smile and a good mood - this is the best decoration of your stylish New Year's image.

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    Earrings with onyx
    Set with onyx
    Emerald set of jewelry
    Wooden beads
    Emerald earrings
    Necklaces in ethnic style
    Brooch - Christmas tree