Where to go in the spring to rest? Variants of the spring holiday in 2014

  • Where to go in the spring to rest? Variants of the spring holiday in 2014

    Spring is coming closer - the time of awakening of nature after a long winter sleep. However, before we begin to rejoice blossoming tulips and singing birds, we will have to survive a period of thaws, slush and huge puddles. After a long winter so want to pamper yourself and your loved ones with something truly enjoyable and joyful. So why not go on a trip? In fact right now it is possible to make an unforgettable voyage. A fabulous trip will become a reality, because spring has a number of undeniable advantages compared to rest in other seasons.

    If in March the weather in Russia is still far from spring, then why not replace your familiar landscape outside the window with palm trees and a gentle sea? In April and May in many countries festivals and holidays begin, which will give tourists unforgettable impressions.

    Another reason why you should go on vacation in the spring is a relatively small number of tourists in the resorts. That is why many are trying to get a vacation in the spring.

    Not the last role in the choice is played by the money issue. In March and April, prices for tours are only "warmed up".In May, they may be slightly higher, but in any case they can not be compared with the prices for holidays in July and August. You will save your budget considerably if you decide to go on a trip in the spring.

    Where to go in the spring to rest?


    Thanks to the fact that our tour operators have already protruded to this country, the communication with it is arranged quite well, and the flight from Moscow is about nine hours. That's why those of us who like the exotic, choose Thailand. What is this country attracting tourists and is it worth to go here in the spring?

    Answering the last question, let's just say: how worth it is! Due to the fact that the country has a fair length from north to south, even in one of its regions, but you will definitely get in the optimal season for the trip. And, moreover, the amazingly developed tourist infrastructure gives everything that can be desired. A whole army of entertainment becomes available to the guests of the country.

    Another reason to visit Thailand is that there is an exceptional development of medicine. Wellness tours to Thailand have already ceased to be a curiosity, because many of our fellow citizens have experienced the wonders of renowned Thai medicine. Take at least the famous Thai massage or relaxing SPA-procedures - all the delights of this truly royal holiday can be felt by going to Thailand.

    Not the least role in choosing Thailand as a destination is played by the fact that Russian citizens do not have to open a visa. But Ukrainians in this respect were less fortunate: they still have to open a visa. However, this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

    Facilitates travel to Thailand and the fact that it does not have to make any mandatory vaccinations. By your own will, however, you can get vaccinated against ADS-M, Japanese encephalitis and some other diseases.

    As for the prices that tour operators offer for the spring-2014, for approximately $ 2,290 you can rest in Pattaya in a three-star hotel in a double room with a child. Naturally, the prices in each region of Thailand will be different.


    For those who prefer Europe, you can advise to spend a vacation in Italy. In the spring, this country is really gorgeous. The inexpressible temperament of Italy will not leave anyone indifferent, and the mild climate, magical views and attractions will conquer you and make you fall in love with Italy for life!

    The hotel service will appeal to even the most spoiled guests. Excellent air and ground communication between our country and Italy will provide comfort and safety on the way. Well, the charming resorts of this country are known far beyond its borders. The only thing that is worth paying attention to, going to Italy - is in its weather. In March, it can be quite unpredictable. As for temperature indicators, in March the temperature can be from +11.5 to +19 degrees, in April - 14-21, and in May - from 18 to 24 degrees above zero.

    As for the documents you can get to Italy, everything is quite simple: Italy is a Schengen area, so if you have a Schengen visa, access to the country is facilitated. Prices for vacation in Italy in the spring can be very different: it depends on the region, the "star" of the hotel and other factors. On average, for a week in a four-star hotel you can relax for 22-25 thousand rubles.


    The country of the pyramids and pharaohs attracts our fellow citizens for several reasons. Firstly, the flight here takes a little time( 4-5 hours from Moscow), and secondly, the weather is almost always excellent for vacation, thirdly, the prices for holidays in Egypt are quite democratic. Resting here in the spring time is a win-win option. At a time when your remaining friends in the homeland will be wrapped up in coats and scarves, you can enjoy a swim in the local pool under the rays of the tender sun.

    In the spring, the weather in Egypt is not as exhausting as in the summer. This will give you the opportunity not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to go on excursions, which are easier to carry in the relatively cool season. Although cool it can not be called: in March, the temperature reaches +24, and in May - 28 degrees above zero. In March and April, the weather may be unstable, and in the beginning of spring sand storms occur here. May is the most suitable for rest.

    Egypt is great for holidays with children. The hotels have interesting animation programs that will not let small travelers get bored.

    Regarding the visa, there are several features. If you are going to Sharm el-Sheikh, where you will stay for 15 days and will not leave the Sinai peninsula, you will not need a visa. If your plans include other resorts, you will have to take care of the visa.

    Prices in Egyptian hotels are relatively loyal: for example, in March, a family with children can rent a comfortable room in Hurghada for about 2500-4000 rubles per night. Vaccinations for a trip to Egypt will not be needed.

    Czech Republic

    Tours to the Czech Republic have recently become one of the most popular for a number of reasons: flight or auto-trip does not take much time, service at a high level, an extensive cultural program. The country is included in the Schengen area, so the all-powerful visa will be your helper. The weather here is not too different from the usual for ns, so you do not have to spend your energy on acclimatization.

    And to have a rest in the Czech Republic in the spring is a pleasure! The temperature in March reaches 8-15 degrees, and in May it is about + 20-25.The intoxicating aromas of burgeoning gardens, numerous parks and squares will give you joy and a sense of celebration. In addition, in May there is the famous festival "Prague Spring".

    Another nice detail of the spring holiday is the opportunity to go skiing, because in the beginning of spring in the mountains there is still snow.

    Famous Czech Republic and wellness tours. Here you can not only relax, but also to repair shattered health. Sanatorium zones of Karlovy Vary and other resorts will help you with this.


    Relaxing in Spain in the spring is a real happiness. A gentle sun and a waking nature - will help you to enjoy the rest on the coast. For lovers of antiquity, Spain offers numerous monuments and chic architecture, flamenco lovers will appreciate this colorful dance and will even be able to try their hand at it. There is everything you can dream about.

    In March, you can spend your vacation visiting numerous attractions. In addition, this month begins the traditional carnivals - for example, Las Fallas in Valencia. In April, it's time to visit the little beaches at that time. Well, May will give you bright colors, swimming in the sea and an uninterrupted holiday!

    Spain is part of the Schengen area, therefore, as you may have guessed, you can not do without a Schengen visa. As for the prices for rest, they are very different here. The cost of living directly depends on the region in which you intend to go.


    When choosing a holiday in the heart of Europe( and this is how it is called Austria) in the spring, you get an undoubted benefit. First, at this time, you can save a lot on the tour. Secondly, the weather in the spring months is quite pleasant. And, finally, in the third place, at this time there are not so many tourists here.

    Austria is ideal for those who prefer cultural rest. Many sights with which this country is full, will not leave indifferent lovers of art and antiquity. In addition, such a journey will be pleasant for wine lovers who can visit wine routes. Numerous festivals and festivals, held here in the spring, will please you and give new impressions. Well, the mountain slopes of the magnificent Alps will provide space for skiing in March and for walking along the scenic paths in April and May.

    Weather in early spring can be cool and rainy. But the closer May, the better it becomes. In March, the thermometer in Vienna shows about 10 degrees above zero, in April - 16, and in May - 22 degrees. As for most countries in Europe, you will have to take care of a Schengen visa for a trip to Austria.


    Relaxing in Bulgaria in the spring is a pleasant and economical business. Prices for vouchers have not yet grown, but the weather can already please the sunny days and flowering gardens, so spring is optimal for walking and excursions to cultural sites. Ski lovers and snowboard lovers are presented with mountain slopes, the snow on which can lie until May.

    Bulgaria has an extremely favorable geographical position, and as a result - a rich nature. There are boundless plains and mountains, gentle hills and dense forests, deep rivers and, of course, the sea. And if you swim in it in the spring is still too early, then you can walk around the other favors of nature even at this time.

    Bulgaria boasts a fairly mild climate. The weather in the spring here is pleasant and not at all debilitating, with a temperature of about + 15-17.

    Bulgaria has not yet entered the Schengen area, so those traveling to this country will need to make out an ordinary tourist visa - the Schengen visa here will not help.


    When to go to the country of lovers, how not in the most romantic time of the year - in the spring!? To see the Eiffel Tower, walk along flowerbeds with flowering tulips, visit the famous Cannes Film Festival and Festival of Theater in Avignon, look to Nice and Provence or go to the mountains - what could be better?

    Weather in the spring in France and has to go for long walks. There are rains, so do not forget to take an umbrella. Of course, in different regions it will not be the same: for example, in Paris in March may be +7, while in Saint-Tropez +11.But wherever you stay, spring France will not be able to conquer you: you will fall in love with this windy beauty once and for all!

    Prices for tours to France can be very different: from a very modest economy option to luxury luxury.


    Should I go to Vietnam in the spring?- Why not! Firstly, at this time you can already swim in the azure sea. Secondly, spring is a time when numerous holidays take place in the country. For example, in March the Longtong peasant holiday is held here, and in April - the Guatao rite. As for the weather in the spring months, then in March here is +25, by May the temperature rises to 35 degrees above zero.

    Access for Russians to the country is quite simple: a visa for rest up to 15 days is not needed. This greatly facilitates the processing of documents. The flight from Moscow takes approximately nine hours. Another "convenient" detail of the rest: no mandatory vaccinations for recreation in Vietnam do not need to.

    Prices for holidays in the spring months can be different. For example, if you go to beach areas, in March in a three-star hotel a family of two people can relax for 66-70 thousand rubles.

    Pleasant rest, wishes Internet-magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru! And, by the way, if you have your options for spring recreation, you can share them in the comments, telling about your experience of rest in this or that country.