• Fashionable tops 2012( + photo tops)

    Summer collections always have a difference: rich and juicy colors, original ideas, unlimited space for all sorts of experiments.

    Fashionable tops in the summer of 2012 will please all with a swing of creative ideas. It seems that the designers finally realized all their boldest and most desperate fantasies. This season, the tops will no longer be a simple basic wardrobe. Now they are much more - the main accent in your fashion image.

    General trends

    Correctly matched top, can make a woman's image more evening or more office, romance semen elegant glamor, and ethnic motifs - strict classics. If you approach the selection of the top with all the care, you will understand that there is simply no more universal clothing.

    A large number of designers decided to release insanely romantic tops, exclusively pastel shades.

    Trendy colors of this season:

    • pistachio;
    • pink;
    • is pale green;
    • blue;
    • peach.

    Please note that this spring will return the fashion to an open abdomen. Light tops from knitwear will look very good in combination with jackets, jeans and leather jackets. If the tops will have narrow and contrasting stripes, they can be worn under knitted sweaters and dresses.

    In general, short tops can be called the main trend of 2012.Especially topical will be tops made of knitwear, chiffon, silk, lace and cotton. And if you buy a short top with a bright print, you will never remain unnoticed in it.

    Almost all short tops are sewn in the form of a bando, bodice or bolero. In the collection of D &G was presented top, which can easily be done with your own hands. To do this, just take a shortened summer shirt( better than bright colors) and tie it under the breast with a beautiful knot.

    All designers recommend wearing such tops with skirts of any length, lush skirts and shorts.

    But do not forget that let this version of the top and is very popular, it will be appropriate not everywhere and not at all. Most of these tops are suitable for gyms and seaside resorts. And, of course, only girls who do not have excess weight.

    If you are the owner of a flat tummy, you can safely dress up in a new trend and cause jealousy with your thin waist.

    Like birds

    Like birds

    Famous couturiers took as their collection the colors of beautiful and very bright birds: parrots and hummingbirds, pheasants and flamingos. After looking at the fashion collections of summer tops, you can study the encyclopedia of birds.

    Designers simply amaze with the scope of their zadumok:

    • original pictures of birds;
    • animated birds pictures;
    • birds painted in the style of abstract art;
    • their three-dimensional images.

    In general, birds in the summer season will be everywhere: on the shoulders, chest, back.

    Yes, this version of the top will look a bit extravagant, but that does not mean that you must abandon the must-have season.



    Designers do not cease to "exploit" the theme of flowers and floral prints. Fashionable tops of 2012 will again be "blossomed" in all sorts of colors. In the history of fashion, a huge amount of clothes with floral prints was created, but despite this, designers each time find new and original ways to bring these colors into our lives.



    Patterns in this style were met almost at all shows of fashion designers. How about becoming impermissible luxurious, dressed up in the top with the finest embroidery and gold trim?

    Back to the 20th

    Back to the 20th

    Love the retro 60's, 70's and 90's? They were already in the trend for too long. Now they have a little surrendered their positions. In the fashion arena came 20th: jazz, the emergence of broadcasting. At the height of popularity, the hairstyle of "quads", poker and charleston. It was in the 1920s that Chanel No. 5 and the magnificent novel "The Great Getsby" were published. Therefore, it is not surprising that this remarkable period attracted the attention of eminent designers. The 20th was reflected in the 2012 collection of tops.

    So, are you ready to recreate the image of a coquette from the 1920s? To do this, you just need a skirt to the knees and a long bronze top, decorated with elongated threads or large paillettes. As an evening image, you can use an openwork black top, a pencil skirt and a long necklace. You will look superb.

    African motifs

    This is a favorite trend of all famous designers: safari, African savannah, ethnics and animal prints. Summer 2012 in this regard will not be completely different from previous seasons. African motifs are quite clearly traced in the collections of almost every designer.

    In 2012 fashion will be the tops of "radiating" seductiveness and convenience. In such clothes it will not be hot even in the hottest months. Female tops will look great with gypsy skirts and oriental bloomers.