What to wear for the New Year 2016 - the year of the Fiery Monkey( + photo)

  • What to wear for the New Year 2016 - the year of the Fiery Monkey( + photo)

    New Year is a holiday that is equally loved by both children and adults. To make it successful, you need to take care of food, festive entertainments, gifts and, of course, about the outfits. This evening you want to look especially good, fresh and bright. How to understand the diversity of trends and what to wear for the new year 2016, will help a small list of new trends in fashion and the most popular colors of the next year.

    What can the Fire Monkey like?

    This creation is very cheerful and restless, so the holiday will definitely pass at an incendiary pace, with dances and fun until the morning. To please the mistress of the year will be possible only if the festive attire matches her temperament and way of life. This means that the dress in the first place should be very comfortable and felt like a second skin. It is worth to give up tight and formal corsets, very narrow skirts and tight bodys. A monkey is fiery, and she will like light, flying and fluttering from the slightest movement of clothing.

    Air dress in softly pastel colors

    What to wear in the year of the Monkey to be in the trend? In addition to convenience, the dress should also be to the face. If he goes to a woman, it does not matter who his author or what brand belongs to this thing. Many women sew New Year's dresses on order and arrive absolutely correctly - in our time, individuality and a special approach to the presentation of one's own style are especially appreciated. On holidays it is especially important.

    How to choose an outfit for the zodiac signs?

    Each sign has its own personality, which must be emphasized and emphasized. In the year of the Fiery Monkey, the choice of costumes for zodiac signs is especially rich and diverse, as it has a breadth of interests and is inclined to perceive the world in bright, cheerful colors.

    • Aries are recommended silk dresses in the floor of all shades of flame. This will emphasize their natural aristocracy and excellent taste, and the Fire Monkey next to them will feel in their element.
    Bright silk dress over the shoulder
    • Taurus will bring good luck catchy jewelry, especially large earrings of yellow metal. Dresses the color of freshly plowed land, juicy apricot or dark chocolate will face the Taurus and like the Monkey.
    Dress from brocade with large ornaments
    • Twins are a pair sign, and for them the perfect choice are two identical ornaments. These can be rings or bracelets, put on together or, as it was fashionable at the end of X | X century, with the same bracelet for each hand. Such ornaments will ideally blend in with the dress in a golden-beige color.
    Golden beige dress and bracelets
    • The true face of the crayfish is hidden behind a mask. Then no one can see what feelings are reflected on it. Dresses of all shades of water and sky underline the infernal mystical essence of the representatives of this sign.
    Attire with mask and fan
    • For a year Monkeys Lions give her their powers, but they do not cease to be the kings of beasts. Like all kings, they put a crown and dresses in the color of gold. A scattering of diamonds is welcome.
    Golden dress and crown
    • Virgins will be able to emphasize their tenderness and fragility with an elegant and refined air dress of light pastel tones. The man of this sign can emphasize his masculinity with a strict tuxedo, but a less conservative outfit, for example, a thin wool suit of a creamy tint, is more suitable.
    Delicate pink dress with interlacing
    • Scales can afford to clear up and decorate your clothes, shoes and bag with fur details. Just do not use monkeys fur, if you do not want to get nuts from the Fire Monkey.
    Short blue dress with a red fur
    • Scorpions can differ with unusual accessories, especially high-heeled shoes of unusual shape, or bright and bright colors of shoes. The dress should be restrained and monophonic.
    Coral-peach dress and bright shoes
    • In the New Year's Eve, Sagittarius is important for comfort and coziness. A soft dress made of delicate knitwear will flow smoothly around the figure, adding comfort and immediacy. Pay attention to shoes - it should be as comfortable as possible.
    Black knitted dress
    • For purposeful Capricorns you can relax a little and indulge. Dresses in ethnic style will give a zest to a strict appearance.
    Dress in ethnic style
    • Aquarians need shine at any cost. A dress made of lame, lurex, metallized leather with rhinestones and appliqu├ęs will set you apart in a crowd of guests. The monkey will accurately note you - the glitter attracts it no less than the bright color.
    Airy, shiny dress in the style of high low
    • Fish can also differ. Dresses, reminiscent of palm leaves, flexible shoots of lianas and bizarre tropical flowers will give the Monkey feel in the native element and give a daring attraction to the modest Pisces. Unusual haircut decoration can make the image even more colorful.
    Dress in a tropical style

    The venue of the holiday matters

    One thing is an outfit for a New Year's Eve at the dacha, it's quite another - a meeting of the New Year 2016 in a restaurant, let alone a corporate with its employees, superiors and subordinates. Each option requires a separate approach to choosing clothes.

    • Corporate. The most crucial moment - you can not hit the dirt in the face, or overdo it with a dress. Choose a conservative form in bright execution, for example, a blouse and a skirt, but not in an office style, but from festive materials - silk, velvet, taffeta, brocade or lace.
    • Gala evening. A long dress in the floor, elegant shoes, a high hairstyle and jewels will make you the queen of the evening, and the Monkey will not take offense at you, she simply "sobeszyannichaet" your outfit in her style.
    • A party in the circle of friends. It offers a more informal and relaxed environment, so you can afford to take liberties in a dress.
    • Meeting with family. It is important not only beauty, but also the convenience of clothes, because the hostess will have to put on the table, and clean up the dishes. It is very important to be dressed up on this holiday, even if you are not seen by anyone other than domestic. Do this for yourself and your loved ones, forget about the robe and slippers, and the Monkey will surely reward you in the coming year.

    Color Choice - an Important Element of Picking an Outfit

    What Color Can Like a Fire Monkey? It seems that this bright and spectacular creature has a charming property to accept the world as it is. It will not be very important for her what kind of outfit you prefer, the main thing is that you are comfortable with this dress and have fun at the party. The Monkey herself is not too "bother" with the appearance, she just knows that she is good in any form. This is how the woman should act, deciding what to wear on New Year's Eve. Do you go red? Feel free to wear it, the Monkey will appreciate your taste and bravery. Do you want a daring orange or girlish pink - and why not? The worst thing at the festival is a dull and dull attire, which ages its owner and makes her appearance inexpressive.

    Please note! When choosing a color, the main thing is not to lose sense of proportion. Brightness and decorativeness are good, but lasciviousness is not.

    In order not to cross the line of good taste and vulgarity, decide in advance what clothes you want to wear at the party. Measure all possible combinations and select the one that you find optimal in all parameters. If you are comfortable with this dress, and it goes to you, then the evening will be 100%.

    A guide for choosing the style and color combinations can be a photo of the best star dresses. Relying on such information, it is much easier to navigate in the variety of silhouettes and styles that modern fashion offers.


    Openwork dress in Retro style
    Soft blue dress with flounces
    Black and beige dress from brocaded fabric
    Elegant straight black dress with white vertical stripes
    Seductive silhouette of black dress with red flower
    Trumpet dress decorated with gold plates
    Elegant dress with silver applique
    Guipure navy blue dress with belt
    Short chiffon dresses with train
    Dresses with lush skirts
    Romantic dresses with bows
    Dresses in the style of the 1920s with fur collars
    Dresses with fur collars
    Evening dresses with fire effect
    Avanard and elegance
    Cream dresses in the floor
    Dresses with long sleeves in the Chinese style
    Trendy dresses in the floor with fluffy skirts
    Beautiful evening dresses with rich trim
    Modern disignier dresses
    Golden beige dresses in nude style
    Textured dresses without sleeves
    Feminine dresses with embroidery
    Flawless hand-made dresses
    Luxurious red dresses with gold applique and fringe
    Black midi length dresses with basque and bow
    Dress-cases with velvet inserts
    Stylish dresses with high neck
    Refined style of satin dresses
    Glamorous maxi-length dresses
    Stylish dresses with old-fashioned feathers in emerald shades
    Gold dress-chain armor