Fashionable haircuts 2014 with a bang - hairstyles with bangs( + photo)

  • Fashionable haircuts 2014 with a bang - hairstyles with bangs( + photo)

    Rich hair has always been and remains the best adornment of a woman. Each new season brings its accents into the fashion of hairstyles and haircuts. Stylists of the world level with the same trembling concern a hairstyle of hair of different length. Their irresistible fantasy allows you to create true masterpieces of hairdressing art. And negligence and chaos have long ceased to be perceived negatively. On the contrary, such "flaws" became a sign not only of creativity and high style, but also elegance.

    Many modern highly sought-after women's hairstyles are adorned with a bang that has long become habitual. Fashionable bangs - an original and stylish addition to many haircuts this season. This element of haircut is able to bring to the image of cardinal changes - to correct the face oval, to highlight certain features, to beat the individuality of this or that haircut. And here for the stylist-image maker there are huge opportunities for experiment, which is observed this season.

    Fashion models of bangs

    Slanting fringe to medium length hair

    Fashionable haircuts with a bangs of 2014 are relevant for women who seek to bring into the expression of their face some kind of childishness, soften or, conversely, to distinguish the look that will depend on the length of the bangs. It is completely mistaken to think that you bangs are not to the face! Is that for a completely round face bangs are not acceptable in principle. In all other cases, stylists of hairdressing art will always find a successful solution( from simple, to classical or creative) for a particular face shape, for the habitual mood of a woman.

    In the season of 2014 the masters will be surprised by new forms of bangs - fashionable, unusual, extravagant or romantic. Popular bangs are straight and oblique, asymmetrical and rounded, smooth and ruffled, with even or torn ends.

    It remains popular straight classic bangs to the level of the eyebrows, emphasizing the look. The oblique fringe is cut diagonally under different angles of inclination by the principle of styling the hair on its side, in one direction. In this case, there may be a lot of original variants of bangs, depending on the density of the hair.

    Fashionable haircuts 2014 with a bang opened the possibilities of fantasy for medium-length hair-dancers, which are especially convenient for stylists, so they are popular among trendsetters. The bangs in the haircut of medium length looks especially organic and stylish.

    Please note! Haircuts of short hair with asymmetrical bangs especially advantageous look in a combination to game of various color scale of hair. Especially it is suitable for young girls, prone to shocking. In this season, it should be noted, the color scheme of hair is given special attention.

    The girl will acquire the image of a free and easy nature, if her asymmetric bangs are graded and "torn".In haircuts with such an asymmetrical bang, blunt hair sections are performed, and a smooth shiny bang is neatly laid "hair to the hair."Such an impeccable type of haircut must be maintained throughout the day. Have patience, and then your impeccable look will be appreciated.

    Straight to long hair

    The bangs in hairstyles with long straight hair should end at or slightly below the eyebrows.

    The classic straight fringe in the 2014 season has somewhat transformed into Gothic style, rock style, glam rock.

    Please note! The short avant-garde bangs are very original with their fuzzy, creative disorder. By the end of the 2014 season avant-garde bangs with strands of different lengths will become especially popular. Volumetric styling of such a haircut will acquire the status of MustHave( trend, "fashion squeak").
    Ragged oblique fringe 2014

    Haircuts with tattered bangs in the 2014 season will become the hallmark of the woman of fashion, especially if she has thin soft hair, which is in great need of additional volume. The haircut itself should also be a torn square, a tattered ladder, a tattered bean.

    The elongated "grunge" bang on the side in the season of 2014 is rightfully recognized as a trend, especially with a short haircut for a boy or a haircut in the Elf style.

    Adding strands

    Strip with prominent strands

    Fashionable Bangs 2014 are also cascading long and very long strands, combed on one side in combination with coloring hair. A variant of the non-standard solution will be a combination of such a bang with a haircut as a graded "bean" or an elongated "squat".

    Please note! If the usual short straight bangs "enrich" with thin strands of hair hanging over the main bang line, then the haircut gets extremely extravagant ultra-trendy look.

    Most of the modern haircuts are performed with an unchanged bang, which is a responsible task, and that's why. This important element of the hairstyle frames the female face in a special proximity to the eyes, focusing on the look. Chelka, always in the field of view of others, creates the main impression about the female haircut as a whole. Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to fear the most courageous bangs, even such avant-garde as bulky bangs - "chubs" or Iroquois bangs, deliberately tousled, but not devoid of creativity in their chaos.


    Lengthened uneven fringe
    Super fancy bangs 2014
    Haircut with bangs and stitching
    Lush fringe for short haircut
    Slit fringe with torn haircut
    Short torn fringe
    Short fringe combined with hair tint
    Short-haired shank
    Slanting long