• Lifshaki saving online

    You always want to save money and it is always useful, but how to save in our difficult times is more, it is a question. Insider online shopping is not widely known, so read and remember.

    Do not pay for the return

    Choose those online stores where the refund is free. There are no secrets here, just make a list of such stores and in the rest order only if you are 100% sure that you will not need to return the order.

    Use the promotional code

    You should always remember that you can use the promotional code. What it is? This is the discount code that you enter in the special field when placing an order. After entering the promotional code, the cost is immediately automatically recalculated. By promotional code you can get a discount of up to 30% of the cost of goods. One of the most reliable promotional code sites is promokodabra.en. Here you can always find promotional codes for Messenger, MTS, Lamoda, Wildberries and many other online stores. You can see the promo codes of the Messenger, for example, here.

    Use social networks

    Join the group of your favorite stores on Facebook and in other social networks.networks, and learn about discounts first. Keenly, in groups you will learn not only about promotional codes, but also about other promotions, but the chances to find exactly what you need immediately appear more.


    Always compare prices offline and online. Do not be lazy to count, then it will be better to save.

    Make free shipping

    Often free shipping is provided with a certain order amount. If you are missing a bit, then ask your friends if they want to buy something, or you can register on the joint shopping forum and make a joint purchase. To get acquainted with the terms of the service and find out under what conditions the store provides it, you can visit the promokodabra website.en. Under the promo codes of each store there is complete information about the service and the store.

    Pay with the correct

    card. Often when paying with different cards, there is an opportunity to save money. When buying a Visa and MasterCard, the commission can be charged differently.

    Keep up with discounts

    Always be on the lookout for real discounts and watch out for sales. Hot seasons are the end of January, February, July and August.

    Companies in Instagram

    You can often get discounts if you share a photo in your Instagram. Also mark different brands and products in the photos: you may be noticed and given a discount.

    All in cart

    Put goods in the basket always. If you then close the store page, representatives of the company can contact you and provide a discount so that you can complete the purchase.