• Basic set for manicure

    All of us at least once saw a manicure set and for certain time and again wondered: what is this or that device intended for? If we do not have doubts about scissors and saw blades, then tweezers, a spatula and a spear to a beginner in the manicure case can not tell anything.

    Approximately the same is true with nail polishes. An incredible number of colors, textures and functions can permanently confuse even the master of the manicurist who has seen it. Plus to this - a diverse range of nail care products, liquids for removing varnish and false nails. How here not to get confused?. ..

    However, everything in this world has its own regularity - it is also in a rich choice of means for manicure and nail care. The standard manicure set includes:

    Scissors for cutting nail corners and - thinner ones - for cutting cuticles( with trimmed manicure).

    The blade is usually metal, but the era of such saw files has irrevocably passed. Everyone already knows that metal files destroy the structure of the nail and therefore it begins to separate. It is much more effective and safer to use saws with Teflon or silver coating, finely abrasive files. Also it is necessary to add a polishing nail file to the set to give a shine to the nail.

    Spear - serves to lift the cuticle from the nail plate for its subsequent circumcision. Usually a spear in a manicure set must be sharpened before use, otherwise it will crumple and tear the cuticle and complicate the process of its removal.

    Shoulder - it is convenient to push the cuticle off with an unedged manicure. Like a spear, the blade requires pre-sharpening.

    Scissors( nippers) - serve to remove nail corners, as well as to cut a thick layer of skin around the nail.

    The "orange" stick is a special wand made of orange wood, which successfully replaces both the spear and the shoulder blade, and in some cases the saw. It will never damage the nail and will not damage the skin.

    The brush is also a new guest in the set. It is designed for cleaning dirt from under the nails.

    Types of nail varnish

    Manufacturers of nail varnish pay attention not only to the color palette of their products, but also to its various iids. There are varnishes of different types and purposes.

    Transparent varnish - can be used both as a base and as a varnish-fixer. Protects the nail, gives it shine.

    Lacquer base - level the surface of the nail, can contain nutrients for the nail plate. Sometimes it is transparent or pink.

    Express varnishes are quick-drying varnishes that dry for 1-2 minutes.

    Water-based varnish is a clear varnish with light color shades. Has a very shiny surface and creates a feeling of not completely dried nail.

    Lac-terma - changes color depending on temperature. This varnish looks particularly effective in winter, when the difference in temperature in the room and on the street is significant.

    Chameleon lacquer - changes its color depending on the lighting and tilt of the nail.

    Metallic lacquer - has a cold metallic sheen and requires a certain kind of clothing.

    Lac-crackle - after its application and drying on the surface of the nail, the top layer of varnish cringes and forms cracks.

    Lac-enamel - gives nails a glossy gloss or a matte surface.

    Pearl lacquer - gives a soft pearly reflection. It has a visible structure, so it should be applied very carefully.

    Varnish with sparkles - transparent varnish, in which various shiny tinsel( asterisks, droplets, sparkles) of various colors and shades is added.

    Lacquer for disco( Dance Legend) is a neutral color lacquer that changes color in the fluorescent lights of a nightclub to bright pink, green, blue, red. ..

    Strengthening lacquer contains liquid silk fibers and keratin for strengthening the nail plate. It is applied after the manicure.