• 11 reasons to go to the registry office

    Does your relationship skip three steps from the Wedding Palace? He loves you, but is afraid to get a family? Give the beloved read this chapter - let him understand who is profitable and who should whom to persuade. .. Do you need to marry - another question, but for marriage there are at least 11 good reasons.

    Household comfort. No matter how much we talk about emancipation, the fact remains that after the wedding a man gets a wife and a woman a job. Sociological studies show that women work much more in the office and at home. In large cities, wives spend about six hours on households, husbands - 40 minutes! In general, it is convenient. When asked why the man is getting married, Anosov, the hero of the "Pomegranate Bracelet", answered: "Firstly, fatigue from the bachelor life, from disorder in the rooms, from tavern dinners, from dirt, cigarette butts, torn and scattered linen, from debts, fromunceremonious comrades, etc., etc.. .. "There, it seems, was also" secondly ", well, yes, God is with him - and so everything is clear. ..

    Health. Family life goes to men clearly for the good. Married sick twice as less than single, and three times less likely than divorced. Bachelors are more likely to suffer from pneumonia, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and cholelithiasis, and the risk of cardiovascular disease is 50 percent higher than that of married men. In the unmarried, mental health also deteriorates with age, while in married women it remains at the same level as in youth. Married women are the opposite. They suffer from depression three times more often than their unmarried friends, and live on average 10-15 years less than the last. It turns out that marriage not only increases the propensity of women to mental disorders, but also really reduces them( in our sense!) Life. And for men - prolongs. Not for our account? It's time to exclaim after the devil from the movie "The Witches of Eastwick": "I do not believe in marriage. A man is good in him, and a woman is a solid darkness. "

    Social status. Getting a family, a man acquires a new social status. A married man simply has to become stronger and more responsible if, of course, he wants to feel himself an important person. Therefore, for many men, in particular for your husband, the family is a certain incentive to fight for a place in the sun. In addition, today a married man is easier to make a career: he is preferred by respectable employers, he is estimated as a more reliable person and in general the attitude towards him is much more serious.

    Rear. The concept of logistics includes feeding, uniform and sanitation. It is to us that a tired warrior comes, when he dreams of a pizza with mushrooms. He comes to us when he can not find a clean shirt or tie a tie. He hurries to us with a cut finger and screams: "Help, help, we are losing us!" And we understand: everything is for the front, everything is for victory. We bandage the wounds, feed the staff with delicious and healthy food, wash and iron the linen, clean the sinks and my floors, sew buttons and wipe the dust, feed newspapers with a television program and walk the service dog. And most importantly, we calm down when there, on the front line, bullets whistle around our fighter: "Yesterday the chief saw how I drew a caricature of him. .. God! What will happen now!. . ยป

    Affectionate word. .. and cat nice. What can we say about a man? Even Rambo, having shredded a dozen enemies, returns home, drops the scalps in the corner, puts on slippers and becomes a sweet puppet."The sun, you again take work on the house?" - the wife wails, taking away from the beloved a portfolio with papers."Yes, you know, the authorities are pressing. .." - "Well, come to me, masenky, I will pity you. .." Is someone in the men's team called him a masculine? What do they understand, these "old soldiers who do not know the words of love?"Will they whisper in his ear: "Mousik, the geese are already ready!" Never! And so he rushes home. To his wife! And she would pat him, and at the back of her ear she would scratch and kiss the nose. Tells him how beautiful, brave, glorious and golden. Which is almost true. .. Our fat tired bunny will peacefully fall asleep on a woman's shoulder, kind and warmed. And will jerk in a dream paws, running through the jungle from the accursed hunter.

    Glass of water .When your treasure will catch a runny nose, caries or dysentery - who will sit by his bed and hold for a weakening arm? Who will get wet his forehead with a napkin and quench his thirst? Who will provide him with adequate medical care? Friends from the cooperative garage? No matter how it is! In the last minutes a devoted woman should be next to the man. She, she will kiss his chilling lips, fall on his chest and whisper words of hope that will instantly resurrect him: "Do not abandon me, my life. After all, football today. .. "


    - Darling, you went back to the room in your shoes!

    - Honey, you know. .. I have clean shoes.

    - Liked, we should make repairs in the apartment.

    - Well, you know. .. winter is not the best time for repairs.

    - And where are the patties?

    - You understand. .. you said yourself that you are dieting.

    And we have nothing to object to all the options. We understand that his father, his grandfather and great-grandfather walked around the house in boots, trembled at the word "repair" and at the sound of the surf they ate a pot of pies with cabbage - how will your treasure change the age-old traditions?"By the way, dear, I do not have time to get you to work. You understand. .. "I understand. Our metro is the best in the world.

    Long February evenings. If it were not for us, to whom would he have given frostbitten roses and carrot-colored lipstick on February 14?Around were busy lovers, the river flowed champagne, and he would be sitting in his empty bachelor apartment. .. But it's not far off Defender of the Fatherland Day! Who will give the lonely defender toilet water and shaving foam? Who will sign a postcard with studious handwriting? Oh, this February! Get ink and cry!. . And Eighth March? And the families leave for kebabs on the First of May? But happiness is possible, and close. Get a wife and always be in business: roses, mimosas, vouchers for the sea and spirits for the New Year - all like people!

    The Excellence of

    - Hercules!- we exclaim, when the beloved moves the nightstand.- What would I do without you!

    It does not matter that we change this table ten times, choosing a more suitable place for it. The main thing - our man felt like a hero. He has someone to play with his muscles and bravery. When he talks about politics, we do not skimp on compliments.

    - Do you understand that we must carry out a rigid liberal reform in order to reach a new stage of economic transformation? He insists.

    - Yes, darling, you are a genius, pure Roosevelt! Only one correction: your socks are put upside down. ..

    And when we start to wash windows or clean fish, the Great Teacher is always there. After all, if it were not for his sensitive leadership, would you have managed to do everything right? He is the best interlocutor in the world. And why? Because we give him the palm of primacy. Who else would he feel so smart, courageous and experienced 24 hours a day? The natural male instinct is to prove that it is faster, higher, stronger. Well and on health!

    And where will he go? And the truth! You will not always wait until he ripens. .. Will he want to exchange the place of the groom for the honorary duty of the witness at your wedding. .. with his friend?

    Happiness. Bernard Shaw argued that "it's up to the woman to marry as soon as possible, and the man's business is to resist it for as long as he can."It turns out that men get married either by calculation or by concession to women! This point of view is fundamentally wrong. By the way, Bernard Schow did not marry at all for love! And sometimes men marry and for love. And they keep this love in their marriage. And when a man is in love, he is happy. Here is the latest and main argument! Loving is profitable. Loving is pleasant. And when a woman responds to her beloved reciprocity - loving is pleasantly doubled. .. He will come, kiss you and prototype to the kitchen in his shoes. The refrigerator will open and start to drink milk directly from the package. And you will say:

    - My happiness. ..

    And it will be pretty rumbling in its package.

    Oh, men, men. .. Well, where are you without us?