• Beauty Formula

    Hair is a wonderful gift of nature to man. They protect the scalp from wind, dust, overheating and cold, help the body maintain a constant body temperature.

    At all times, hair has been associated with vitality, energy and health. In addition, always in Russia, the attitude to the hair was tremulous: it was believed that they play an important role in communicating man with otherworldly forces. Now the hair has lost its former mystical meaning, but still remained a symbol of the well-being, beauty and sexuality of women. And although during the

    lawsuits the fashion for hair color and hairstyle constantly changed, women continue to wish the same thing - that their hair was thick, shiny, soft and obedient.

    However, we must admit that such hair has a few. Most women are unhappy with the condition of their hair: someone is too dry and brittle, someone is too fat, others worry that the hair is too rare. ..

    In many ways, the condition of the hair is determined by heredity. From the genes transmitted to us by the parents, depends on what will be the color of our hair, their density, the nature of growth. Someone gets luxurious curls, and someone a thin tail. But whatever hair you inherit, they need the right care. Beautiful hair is needed to keep its stunning appearance, and hair is worse - to get this kind. Is it possible? Of course!

    In the subject, we will describe in detail how to choose a hair care product, how to properly care for them, how to solve this or that, perhaps, delicate problem of hair, which you have encountered.

    After reading our topic, you will take a new look at such seemingly simple procedures as applying air conditioners and masks to your hair, learn a lot of new and interesting, and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

    Taking care of your hair, do not forget that your love and care they need all the time.

    Take for a rule: if time allows, do not leave the house until your hair is in perfect order.

    After all, as psychologists have established, the first thing that people pay attention to when meeting a person is the state of their stripes and hairstyles.