Than to wash a head that hair did not zhirneli: advice or councils of experts

  • Than to wash a head that hair did not zhirneli: advice or councils of experts

    Oily scalp delivers a lot of disappointment to millions of women: you have to wash your hair almost every day, do not make a normal hairstyle, dissolve your hair is also not a very aesthetic option - in a word, it's a problem. So what to wash your hair so that your hair does not get fat? Opinions of specialists on this issue read below.

    What is the reason?

    Before you suggest a remedy for the treatment of oily hair, you need to understand where this fat comes from. The reasons can be three. The reason number one is seborrheic dermatitis, or dandruff. From the course of biology, it is well known that the scalp has sebaceous and sweat glands, as does the skin on any other part of the body. In some cases, the sebaceous glands work at full capacity and even more. This increased activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the fact that the produced fat gradually clogs the pores of the scalp, depriving the hair roots of water and oxygen. In this case, the whole surface of the head is covered with cornified skin particles - dandruff. As a result, the scalp does not "breathe", and hair along the entire length from the lack of nutrition begins to thin out and fall out. So the hair gets fat as a permanent feature. Seborrheic dermatitis in rare cases happens even in infants.

    Healthy food

    The second reason is the wrong diet. With excessive consumption of fatty, sweet, flour, coffee and alcohol in a weak and sensitive organism, metabolic imbalances can occur, which leads to intensive work of sweat glands, including on the head. This can include such violations as hormonal failure and dysbiosis.


    The third and most unexplained cause is heredity. It can be influenced by any factors: temperature changes, improper food, stress.

    Who does have oily hair?

    At first glance, this question sounds strange, but not so long ago, British scientists have revealed a certain predisposition to increased head skin separation in women with a lot of hair. Thus, the thicker your hair, the more likely it is to get an "oil factory" on your head. As a rule, brown-haired and brunette in the risk zone because of the greater density of hair, and blondes have a more "rare" hair.

    Tips for washing

    So, what to do to prevent hair from getting fatter even more? That's what barbers advise.

    1) Choose a pure shampoo with no additional additives. Shampoos, which contain complex ingredients and rare oils, as a rule, are actually more sticky and difficult to rinse out than their simpler "fellow".Not completely washed away shampoo will only strengthen the oiliness of the hair.

    2) Gently massage your head while washing. This will help calm too active glands, and evenly distribute the available fat throughout the head.

    3) Wash oily hair twice, because at one time it is not always possible to wash off all the fat accumulated on the hair.

    4) Do not use conditioner during hair care. It only adds weight and glues the hair.

    5) You can use a special astringent for the scalp instead of the conditioner. It can be bought at a pharmacy. Most often it includes tincture of the oak bark.

    6) After washing, apply apple cider vinegar or lemon juice on your hair. These wonderful folk remedies will act on the scalp like a good tonic.

    How to lay fatty or quickly dirty hair? Here are some tips from stylists:

    1) Use beer instead of mousse for hair when styling. This is a wonderful lotion for oily hair.

    2) Try not to use a comb with sharp teeth, as they can severely scratch the scalp and wake up the sleeping sebaceous glands.

    3) Always comb the hair in the direction opposite to their growth, and when drying, try to lift the hair at the roots. So you will deceive your own hair, which without laying try to lie tightly to the head. In general, whenever possible, try to give the hair volume.

    4) Change the hairstyle to a shorter and more comfortable to care for. With rapidly fading hair to grow them below the belt does not make sense, because you have to wash your head almost every day. But a variety of hairstyles with the effect of wet hair - this is just what you need.

    5) Learn to relax and get positive emotions. For these purposes, exercises from the yoga course are suitable. Remember: stress can provoke the production of additional sebum.

    6) Change the birth control pills, or better go to another method of contraception. Often very greasy hair is a sign of hormonal imbalance.

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