• Fashionable men's haircuts 2016: 46 photos on short hair

    Men are increasingly becoming interested in fashion, and haircuts are no exception. Recently fashionable men's haircuts 2016( the photos of which you see below) become more accurate, courageous and energetic. Long and slightly disheveled haircuts go to the background, giving way to stylish and slightly brutal hairstyles.

    Men began to prefer classical hairstyles with elements of modern fashion. In any case, the chosen haircut should match the style and image of the man. If desired, you can pick up as an extravagant and shocking haircut, and more traditional and universal, which is suitable for all occasions.

    For short hair

    Short men's haircuts 2016( photo below) are chosen by confident men who want to emphasize masculinity and elegance. New trends in fashion dictate their own rules and promote the introduction of new style elements in the classical style. The classic short haircut is complemented by an elongated smooth bang.

    The haircut in the military style remains popular. This haircut symbolizes the energy of the defender, looks very stylish. On the back and sides of the hair should have a minimum length with this haircut, but the bang slightly elongated, but still shorter than in the classic haircut.

    Men's haircuts for medium hair, fashionable this season

    Fashionable men's haircuts for medium hair in 2016( photo compilation is attached) are distinguished by the style of light disorder on the head, and the tips can be made ragged or slightly asymmetric. This season also will be popular haircut of tombe. This is a universal haircut, which is created on the basis of short hair cuts, it does not tolerate conventions and when it is created, fantasy and creativity are welcomed.

    Such stylish men's haircuts of 2016, as a haircut under Fritz and Undercut are very popular this season. Mowing under Fritz looks very stylish and neat as on guys with tattoos and torn jeans, and on young people in business suits. Feature haircuts in short to maximum hair at the back of the neck and a longer bangs, laid on one side or up.

    Undercut haircut has some difference from the haircut under the frit in that the hair on the back of the neck and on the sides are shaved short, and the basis of this hairstyle is an elongated bang. It looks like this haircut is very fashionable and shocking.

    The most fashionable solutions that will allow you to look original

    The special trend of this season will be men's haircuts for short hair 2016 - the photos you saw at the top. Haircut under the zero in this season is replaced by more radical haircuts that will hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of men.

    Stylists recommend this season a haircut, similar to a sports box. It looks quite respectable and does not require special attention for masonry. Grooming half-box is especially relevant for several seasons. Its universality attracts men not only in sports style, but also in a more rigorous business image.

    Modern men's hairstyles differ in their variety and creative approach. The main directions are the creation of a manly and, at the same time, modern and fashionable image. The desire of men to look prestigious dictates the fashion of this season in men's hairstyles.

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