Diet for adolescents 13-14: how should a teenager eat at this age

  • Diet for adolescents 13-14: how should a teenager eat at this age

    A diet for teenagers aged 13-14 is needed if the teenager is gaining weight too quickly. It is necessary to pay attention to this and start fighting against excess weight in time. Do not adhere to the idea that the body will outgrow this problem. Yes, it is possible that in the period of active growth the extra pounds will go away, but this is not necessary.

    The adolescent diet is made up specifically."Adult" diets are not suitable for the growing up organism. Teenagers should not offer a diet to quickly get rid of excess weight. The diet should be designed in such a way that the teenager does not feel hungry.

    The main factor of the diet is a decrease in the calorie content of food, an increase in meals, but a reduction in portions. The diet should be balanced and include the maximum amount of vitamins, so the emphasis should be on seasonal fruits. So, what should be a healthy diet for teens 13-14 years old.

    The menu of the teenage diet

    The diet for a growing organism should be varied in menu, but include a large number of vegetables and fruits.

    The variant of a daily ration can be the following:

    Breakfast - tea without sugar, it is possible with honey, buckwheat porridge. The second breakfast is a glass of milk. Lunch - vegetable soup, toasted bread with a slice of butter and cheese. If a teenager is hungry, then you can add a boiled egg. Snack - fruit and low-fat yogurt. If the baby has enough fruit, then it's better to do without yogurt. For dinner, you can eat baked potatoes with greens and vegetables.

    Another example of a diet:

    Breakfast - oatmeal in milk and tea with honey. Afternoon snack - apple and yogurt. Lunch - soup borsch, without meat. Boil the meat separately and give a small piece. Afternoon snack - a glass of yogurt. Supper - boiled or stewed vegetables.

    The diet should last about a month. In the future do not go immediately to the usual image of nutrition. Leave the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables. Try and further limit the number of confectionery and flour products in the diet of adolescents.

    Fast diet for 5 days

    It happens that you need to lose weight urgently, for example, to some holiday. To do this, you can use a quick diet.

    5-day teenage diet

    1 day

    For breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, one large orange, 1 carrot, rubbed on a grater and a cup of tea or unsweetened coffee.

    Lunch: fresh apple and 10 large prunes.

    Dinner: a glass of kefir or yogurt.

    Day 2

    Breakfast: a piece of low-fat cheese and tea or coffee without sugar.

    Lunch: 1 egg.

    Dinner: 2 pears or 2 oranges to choose from.

    Day 3

    Breakfast: 2 cups of boiled milk.

    Lunch: a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed with olive or vegetable oil. You can eat salad in any quantity.

    Dinner: a glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey.

    Day 4

    Tomorrow: v oat flakes and tea.

    Lunch: any vegetables without restrictions.

    Dinner: any fruit, except bananas, in quantities of 500 g.

    Day 5

    Breakfast: fruit yogurt, cottage cheese and 1 orange.

    Lunch: salad from fresh cabbage, one egg boiled hard.

    Dinner: a piece of cheese and a glass of yogurt.

    Finally, I want to say that a diet for a teenager becomes effective when the adult develops proper eating habits. Only this, and even a strong motivation to become healthy and well-proportioned, can force a teenager to buy himself not in chips and sweets in the school buffet, but juice and yogurt.

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