Dress for the doll with your own hands: photo and video recommendations for making

  • Dress for the doll with your own hands: photo and video recommendations for making

    All girls want to receive a doll with a large wardrobe as a gift. But why buy a doll dress when you can make it yourself. After all, in every home there are unused pieces of cloth, from which you can sew a dress no worse than in the store. This master class will teach how to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands.

    Sew a dress for a doll


    • fabric size 15x6.5 for the top of the dress;
    • fabric size of 12.5x30 cm for the bottom of the dress;
    • 2 ribbons with a length of 6.5 cm;
    • adhesive tape, length 10cm and width 0.5cm.;
    • thread, iron, scissors, sewing machine.

    Getting started, you need to walk an overlock stitch on all edges of the fabric. Bend the edges 0.5 cm and iron with iron.

    Run on these bends, retreating by 0.3 cm.

    Wrap the doll with the top of the dress, secure it with a pin, pinch the darts.

    Stretch the bodice of the dress along the undercut, not reaching the edge of the fabric.

    Then try on, whether all the seams sit still.

    Stitch the seam along the edge of the top of the bodice and then pull the thread to make the assembly.

    Join the top and bottom of the dress with pins.

    Turn the dress on the front side and walk along the bottom and bodice of the dress, stepping from the edge of 1 cm.

    Stain the dress and make a line from the center by 0.3 cm.

    Sew the adhesive tape on the loose edges.

    It remains to sew the straps.

    The following photos show how to make a dress for a doll with your own hands for the same master class, but in other versions:

    The strapless version also looks great

    Beautiful dresses made by yourself, shown above, you can sew for small dolls brother,if you choose a shorter dress length.

    These dresses with great pleasure will be accepted as a gift for girls for their beloved doll. After all, all dolls need a variety of outfits for every day, so that your daughter could boast of her friends.

    If you want to create dresses that are more difficult than this, then you can not sew but tie a dress for a doll. Knitting dresses is a very laborious, but worthwhile process. After all, every related thing is a kind of jewelry work. Photo and video instructions for knitting will help you do the right thing. In conclusion, we give some examples of such works:

    Clear video lessons for beginners

    A classic variant, which is suitable, for example, for Barbie.

    And how do you find such an interesting maxi-style outfit?

    Another step-by-step MK from professionals in their field:

    Oh, what a beautiful lace outfit!

    And completes our selection of a video tutorial on dressmaking for Monster High.