Wash hair soda: reviews of women and opinions of experts, recipes

  • Wash hair soda: reviews of women and opinions of experts, recipes

    If you have already tried a lot of shampoos, and your hair has still not been brought to a perfect condition, you can try the recipe of our grandmothers - washing the hair with soda. The very idea of ​​applying this abrasive substance to hair, at first glance, seems absurd, but the facts are a stubborn thing. And they say that after such a procedure, the hair becomes shiny and lush, the amount of subcutaneous fat drastically decreases. Let's understand why.

    A bit of chemistry

    It is known from the school chemistry course that soda is sodium hydrogencarbonate( NaHCO3).The first component of soda, carbonate, that is, coal, has a remarkable effect on the operation of the subcutaneous sebaceous glands. It reduces their activity, returning shine to the hair, "pulls out" any dirt on the surface. In addition, coal, which is part of baking soda, is an excellent antiseptic and successfully fights with dermal itching for dandruff.

    The second component of soda, sodium, enhances the penetrating ability of coal and penetrates even the farthest pores. Since baking soda is an alkali, any dirt dissolves without residue.

    Reviews of the procedure

    Since the harm caused by the use of baking soda is minimal, hundreds of women have already tried this ancient grandmother's method of restoring the health of the hair and were very, very satisfied. Here are their testimonials about the procedure.

    The user under the nickname tanchic911 writes in one of the women's forums: "I constantly try to wash my head with folk remedies - eggs, bread, kefir - but after each procedure the result is far from the best, and the smell from such" shampoo "is quite strong. I read on the Internet about soda and decided to try a well-tested old method. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it really works! Hair after the first procedure is healthy and shiny. However, I still rinse them with citric acid, diluted with water. But still, the result is simply stunning. Photo attached. »

    At the same forum Almazka writes:" I noticed that all folk remedies give only a temporary effect in the fight against dandruff. And finally, I found a universal tool - baking soda. As soon as she began to wash her head( the recipe was found on the Internet), all dandruff disappeared somewhere, and her hair now not only shines, but also does not get dirty! Gradually switched to washing her head once a week, and even less often. I advise everyone to try soda! "

    And here's another participant of the forum Elena had problems with hair loss. She writes: "At one time, hair fell out heavily. Has reached that the husband began to do or make remarks, that my hair in an apartment everywhere. I realized that you need to act. I tried to wash my head with soda. I washed it for about two months without using any shampoos. The result is that the hair stopped falling! The recipe is very simple: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of soda for 200 ml.hot water. We connect all this in a vial. The shampoo is ready! We put it on damp hair, massage, wash it off. Then you can rinse your hair and vinegar. "

    Unusual addition to shampoo

    It is not necessary to use baking soda in its pure form. If you picked up a good shampoo and just want to make your hair a little more magnificent, try this option: soda not instead of shampoo, but with shampoo. For this, even before washing your head, you need to mix baking soda with shampoo. In a standard shampoo portion, add 1 teaspoon of soda, stir with your finger and apply to damp hair. Important point: since soda can chemically react with the components of the shampoo, it can not simply be poured into a vial and left for reusable use. The composition "shampoo + soda" for hair strengthening needs to be prepared individually, before each new procedure. In addition, baking soda best interacts with organic shampoo with a minimum amount of sulfates and parabens.

    Scrub for scalp

    Baking soda can also be used as a head scrub. For example, if you wash your hair with soda and salt. Here is the recipe for this scrub. Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of large sea salt. Rub the mixture into the scalp while washing hair and rinse. This procedure is very recommended for owners of dull and oily hair.

    Is it so harmless?

    And yet, according to the doctors-trichologists, baking soda can harm the hair and the body as a whole, if:

    1) There are open wounds on the head;

    2) Hair dyed;

    3) Hair tips visited and sick.

    All these contraindications are dictated by the alkaline nature of baking soda. Otherwise, it is an excellent tool for strengthening hair and combating dandruff.