Collagen face mask: reviews of masks from Thailand, recipes for home collagen mask

  • Collagen face mask: reviews of masks from Thailand, recipes for home collagen mask

    Our body is designed in such a way that in a certain life period it ceases to produce the necessary substances. This also applies to collagen. In the first place, this skin suffers. There is flabbiness, wrinkles, unhealthy complexion.

    What are the only ways people come up with to replenish the body with collagen! One such method is a collagen face mask. Reviews about this cosmetic product are mostly positive.



    "I do not know that Koreans shove in collagen cosmetics, but it acts miraculously! Has got a mask for blepharons from morshchinok. The composition indicated collagen and some kind of vitamin. Already after the first time, wrinkles began to smooth out just before our eyes! »


    « I made masks on a fabric basis. The effect is simply shocked! Within ten days she did the procedures and in the mirror she saw herself five years younger. Even the beautician noticed changes. It's like having a vacation rested! "


    " To have the best effect from masks, they need to be removed from the refrigerator before use. I noticed it myself! "


    " I liked the masks for the eyelids. In the morning rose - circles under the eyes, swelling. She made a mask for ten minutes - and it all disappeared! »

    Types of collagen

    There are three types of collagen that are used for cosmetic purposes. Quality directly depends on the species.

    Collagen of animal origin. It is obtained from the skin of cattle. It has a small cost, as well as quality is not so hot! It is practically incompatible with human skin, therefore it is not necessary to expect any useful effect from it. But the allergic reaction is very common.

    Vegetable collagen. This species is obtained from wheat protein. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin of a person. Favorably affects only the upper layers of the epidermis. Its cost is quite high.

    Collagen of marine origin. Get from the skin of sea fish. It is well compatible with human skin. Can cause allergies. And very expensive.

    Any of them in the form of a powder can be bought at a pharmacy. Women have learned to make collagen masks at home. For this purpose, they buy either ready-made masks or collagen, and then independently turn it into a face mask.

    Rules for the use of

    • masks Collagen in the form of a powder is sold together with a special liquid. These components must be mixed. As a result, you will get jelly.
    • The finished mask on the fabric base is already impregnated with the necessary composition. Therefore, it is simply applied to the face.
    • The duration of the mask is from ten minutes to half an hour.
    • It is washed off with cool water.
    • Masks are applied for a month, once a week.
    • Watch your skin! If you notice an allergic reaction - the course should be discontinued.

    The plaque-collagen mask

    This mask has become very popular these days. The placenta and collagen combine well with each other and have an incredibly strong effect on the skin. The effect of rejuvenation occurs literally before our eyes.

    Gold Collagen Mask

    There is an opinion that all collagen masks act only superficially. They are not able to get into the deep layers of the skin, so the effect of them is not long. Based on these considerations, a mask with a "biogold" was invented. Gold delivers collagen deep into the skin and promotes rejuvenation. And the result is immediately noticeable. The course of procedures is not required.

    Special demand for products from Thailand. The variety of different masks, including collagen ones, is impressive. How to use a cosmetic product is described in detail in the instructions.

    Facial mask with collagen at home

    For some reason not all women can buy a collagen mask. In this case, they prepare it themselves. The main component is gelatine. This is the collagen of animal origin. Adding various ingredients to gelatin masks, you can achieve different effects. For example, prepare a screed mask, nourishing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and so on.

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