Ancient Rome: spiritual intimacy and snakes in the vagina

  • Ancient Rome: spiritual intimacy and snakes in the vagina

    Among all ancient cultures it is the Roman one that is most conducive to the sexual expression of the weaker sex. Ancient Roman writers testify to the extreme degree of sophistication in the sexual sphere. No restrictions, no rules of propriety, no taboos - all to satisfy the flesh. Lukian writes about trained serpents who could suck nipples of a female breast. Marzey describes how the ladies introduced the snake into the vagina. Apuleius tells of the sexual adventures of the donkey with women. Orgies were widespread during the festivities, and public sexual relations were considered not only normal, but even mandatory, since they symbolized the sacrifice to the gods.

    It is noteworthy that people who did not take part in orgies and sexual perversions were considered to violate propriety. It is interesting that in sexual relations there was equality of not only sexes, but also estates. Contacts with free slaves, patricians and plebeians were not condemned. It was not considered shameful and sexual domination of a woman over a man. For the first time in the history of relations between the sexes, a situation has developed whereby a man was treated as a sexual object, a means for satisfying the desires of a woman.

    A widely known treatise on the art of love Ovid, where the author sings free love, paying much more attention to this woman. Ovid gives her advice on how to behave with her husband, so he does not guess about the presence of a lover;how to deceive her husband;girls teaches how to attract the attention of men, how to like it, how to excite him, how to make him feel love. In the recommendations to men, Ovid, pointing out the places where one can find beautiful women, teaches proper contact with them and how to attract their attention: how to write a love message, how to talk, how to caress and kiss, what to give and even how to write poetry. But at the same time the poet teaches to seduce, deceive and even. .. rape - everything is good for achieving the goal. But the main feature of the textbook of the art of love of Ovid is that for the first time here it is said about the importance of spiritual affinity of partners. Spiritual unity ensures the duration of sexual relations, therefore, it is necessary to take care of mutual understanding between man and woman.