Sweet gifts with your own hands: 10 interesting ideas for a home embodiment

  • Sweet gifts with your own hands: 10 interesting ideas for a home embodiment

    To please the sweetshop, you must give him confectionery. Give candy and flowers - today is corny. And if you make sweet gifts with your own hands in the form of a bouquet, heart, car - it's quite another matter. And delicious, and original!

    Candy birthday

    What birthday do without candy? This is one of the main attributes of the holiday. Let's try to make a birthday present from sweets.


    To make a delicious machine, you will need:

    • cardboard for base or polystyrene;
    • double-sided adhesive tape;
    • candy;
    • white paper;
    • markers.

    Make a frame of cardboard or polystyrene.

    For wheels from cardboard cut out circles and pasted them with white paper.

    Top with candies. It is more convenient to use round forms.

    Now it is necessary to cover the car with candies, leaving the glass intact.

    Cover the glass with white paper. On the frontal draw or glue the eyes.

    This gift can be made to your beloved big or small male sweet tooth.

    The camera from chocolate

    The guy will like and such a gift. For the craft, you need to stock up on rectangular chocolates, a strap with carabiners and a jar of coffee.

    For the basis of the gift to take a rectangle, although you can do without it, then you will need more chocolate. Cover the frame with sweets, attach the strap and a jar of coffee.

    Guitar from kinderov

    To make a kinder guitar, you need to prepare a tight cardboard and many chocolates corresponding to the name of the company.

    Our base of wrappers from chocolate kinder is made in full size. Paste chocolate on the skeleton. The front and back surfaces are made with narrow brusochki, sidewalls - with chocolate of other format. With other tools, you can do the same. The main thing is that the orchestra made of chocolate does not lead to gluttony. ..

    Nonstandard laptop

    In this case, it's better to take a flat box of sweets to make the laptop more realistic.

    This master class is made on the basis of polystyrene foam.

    Spread out a flat rectangular chocolate contour of the gift and circle the edge with a pen on the foam.

    Cut two rectangular parts and pasted with decorative paper.

    Place a screen saver in the center of the monitor. It turned out almost a real screen.

    Around the screen saver the remaining space is filled with sweets.

    Then do the "keyboard".

    Put candy on the outside of the laptop, then on the sides, leaving one for each piece without candy. They will be used to connect the two parts of the gift.

    Monitor and keyboard wired.

    An original gift was received!

    Sewing machine for a friend

    To make a volumetric machine out of candy, it is necessary to glue the frame from the cardboard first. Or use a simpler version:

    Once the base is ready, you can glue it with chocolate. Candies are placed in one or more layers.

    New Year gift

    For the New Year and children, and many adults are waiting for sweet gifts.

    1. Sledge


    • two canes made of caramel;
    • 10 pcs.candy;
    • tape;
    • bow for decoration;
    • flat chocolate;
    • double-sided adhesive tape.

    Chocolate should be combined with "runners".

    From above make a series of 4 sweets. Candy must be taken flat, so that the design is stable.

    In each of the following rows, put one less. Thus, in the next there will be 3 pieces, then - 2, then - 1. It turns out a pyramid of sweets.

    Decorate the sledge with ribbons and a bow.

    This gift can be made for the New Year with your own hands.

    2. Christmas trees

    3. Candy decorations for the Christmas tree

    Others and dei candy gifts look at the video.

    Unusual gifts from sweets will be a wonderful addition to the holiday!