• Dehydration

    Many diseases occur in humans as a result of a chronic lack of water.

    Do not forget that at various life stages our body is exposed to a number of chemical interactions. Having the necessary knowledge, you can change some of the reactions, but do not rely on the fact that you can change everything by starting to drink 5 liters of water a day. The fact is that the cells of our body strongly resemble sponges, and before they are saturated with water, it should take some time. In addition, the membranes of some cells poorly pass water, not only inward, but also outward.

    If your kidneys are not affected by chronic dehydration, there is nothing to worry about: the amount of water you can not damage. In the event that the kidneys have been passing the harmful substances accumulated by the body for a long time through the period of dehydration, you need to be especially careful.

    Remember: can not immediately abandon drugs and start to drink water instead. First, you need to record the amount of water you drink and the amount of urine that is separated every day. Add new portions of water to the usual daily rate can only be 1-2 glasses per day. In this case, the volume of urine must be controlled: if it gradually increases, it means that you can increase the rate of water.

    With well-functioning kidneys, water is an ideal diuretic.

    When taking water, contact your doctor and ask him to monitor your condition until you adjust the diet and the rate of water intake. If the doctor does not fully understand what you are talking about, state the information on the origin of the problems associated with chronic dehydration.

    In order to keep water, our body is forced to retain and cooking salt. In order to remove excess salt, you need to gradually increase the amount of urine. If urine production and edema are insufficient, care should be taken to ensure that the volume of fluid you consume corresponds to the volume of urine released. After the swelling of the legs and eyelids fall, water intake can be resumed.

    Do not risk taking water without paying attention to swollen eyelids and legs, as the next stage may be pulmonary edema, which is fraught with serious consequences. To prevent this side effect, you should start using water gradually, replacing it with the usual coffee and tea.