Schemes of origami from napkins to the table: training master classes on folding and video lessons

  • Schemes of origami from napkins to the table: training master classes on folding and video lessons

    If you want to surprise your guests with an unusual serving, then the origami schemes from napkins to the table will help you. Such refined handicrafts give servicing refinement and coziness.

    A bit about serving the table

    Experts of the rules of etiquette say that serving the table with napkins is a whole art in which you should obey the established rules. Best to decorate the table are square napkins.

    If you do not have time to buy square napkins, then you can use rectangular wipes. With the help of folds, they can be given any desired shape. It is worth saying that lunch does not require intricate schemes of napkin folding, for this purpose the most usual ones will do. Do not forget that before you start making origami from paper napkins on the table, you need to wash your hands.

    Among the hostesses, origami flowers from napkins are very popular. They can be twisted in different ways.

    Paper napkins designed for serving the table can be folded several times into a tube, cones, candles and other shapes. If the napkin is put on a plate, then it must be folded in half.

    Rose from a paper napkin

    In order to make an origami rose from a napkin, you will need a regular paper napkin. We bend the upper part about 4 cm.

    Then it is necessary to clamp the upper left corner of the napkin between the middle and index fingers, as shown in the photo:

    Wrap the napkin on the index and middle fingers, while the folded part of the napkin should remain outside.

    The napkin should be continued to wind up, after it is completely twisted, bend the angle in the direction down and to the right.

    Next, twist the napkin down from this point. Twist tightly, approximately to the middle of the bottom of the napkin.

    Align the edges and the rose is ready.

    Diagonal Diagram

    One of the popular origami schemes from paper napkins is "Diagonal":

    To do this, take a napkin and draw a diagonal line, and then connect the fold points in the manner shown in the diagram.

    Fold the napkin diagonally and combine the angles of the triangle with its top. Next, you need to fold the figure in relation to the horizontal axis exactly in half. From the back we connect the corners, right and left, laying them one by one.

    If you want to study in detail the process of creating origami figures from paper napkins, then you should see the video tutorials: